What is an Organic Acid Test (How To Order OAT test)

The Organic Acid Test, commonly called the OAT test for short is one of the best ways to get a detailed analysis of many aspects of your health. If you have struggled with health issues yet all of your blood tests come back “normal” then the OAT test is a good way to reveal what […]

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Diabetes solutions

Treating Diabetes Naturally (yes it’s possible)

Treating diabetes naturally can not only help you balance your blood sugar and lose weight, but you will improve every aspect of your health because of it. Do you want to avoid taking medications? Did you know that a lot of the advice on the best diet for diabetes is wrong? Table Of ContentsDiabetes a […]

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complete thyroid testing in australia

Thyroid Testing Australia (how to order complete thyroid test)

Table Of ContentsDo You Have An Undiagnosed Thyroid Problem?Low Thyroid SymptomsHere are the common symptoms of low thyroid:The TSH Test is Accurate to Diagnose Low Thyroid! Thyroid Testing in Australia that include TSH, T3 and T4?Thyroid Testing For Reverse T3 in AustraliaAutoimmune Thyroid Testing in AustraliaLow Thyroid and Iodine IntakeSummary Do You Have An Undiagnosed Thyroid Problem? […]

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Testing for leaky gut

Testing For Leaky Gut (and the cause of leaky gut)

Table Of ContentsTesting For Leaky GutWhat is leaky gutLeaky gut symptomsHere is a list of leaky gut symptomsShould we Test Leaky Gut or Test the Cause of Leaky Gut?The cause of leaky gut can include:Testing for Leaky GutMannitol/Lactulose test for leaky gutZonulin blood test for leaky gutThe Best Test for Leaky Gut (aka intestinal permeability)Other […]

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best probiotic supplement

What Is The Best Probiotic Supplement (for different health conditions)

Table Of ContentsWhat are ProbioticsWhat is the MicrobiomeThe bacteria in our gut microbiome come under 3 different categories:What Causes an Imbalance in Your Gut Bacteria – Also Called DysbiosisHere are some of the common causes of dysbiosisDo you need Probiotics? The best way to test your bacteria levelsAre Probiotic Foods or Probiotic Supplements the Best?Don’t […]

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Broken Brain Video Series

Broken Brain Video Series

The Broken Brain Video series is 8 documentaries focusing on all aspects of how to improve your brain. The Broken Brain video series discusses why conditions like ADHD, autism, depression, anxiety, brain fog, multiple sclerosis, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease are on the rise, and what the underlying cause of these conditions are. It may surprise many […]

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Best way to test hormones for men and women

The Best Way To Test Your Hormones (hint-it depends on which hormones you are testing)

Table Of ContentsBlood, Urine or Saliva Testing for HormonesThe Best Way to Test Thyroid FunctionThyroid Testing with BloodThe complete thyroid test includes:Thyroid Testing with UrineThe Best Way to Test Sex HormonesBlood Test for Sex HormonesExtensive Hormone Blood Test Includes:Urine Test for Sex HormonesSaliva testing for Sex HormonesThe Best Way to Test Adrenal HormonesAdrenal Testing with […]

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DUTCH Hormone Test with Organic Acids

DUTCH Hormone Test Review

Table Of ContentsThe DUTCH Hormone Test Review – Organic Acid MarkersDUTCH Hormone Test for Sex HormonesThe DUTCH Hormone Test and Adrenal FunctionThe DUTCH Test Organic Acid MarkersThe Neurotransmitter MetabolitesHomovanillate (HVA)Vanilmandelate (VMA)5-Hydroxyindoleacetate (5HIAA)Organic Acids for B VitaminsMethylmalonate (MMA)XanthurenateOrganic Acid Markers for Glutathione and Oxidative DamagePyroglutamate8-OHdG (8-Hydroxy-2-deoxyguanosine)DUTCH Hormone Test MelatoninMelatonin (measured as 6-OHMS)Order Your DUTCH Hormone Test […]

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High estrogen in men treat the cause

Causes and Treatments Of High Estrogen In Men

Table Of ContentsThe Balance Between Estrogen and Testosterone in MenWhy Men Need EstrogenHere is a list of benefits of estrogen for menSigns and Symptoms of High Estrogen In MenSigns and symptoms of high estrogen levels include:The cause of high estrogen in menHere is a list of the common causes of high estrogen levels in menThe […]

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