SelfDecode Review: Comprehensive DNA Testing

After trying out the SelfDecode DNA test, I can confidently say that it is a great option for those looking to gain insight into their genetic makeup.

I have used SelfDecode to not only review my own genetic results, but as a Naturopath I have also reviewed the results of many clients as SelfDecode makes it very easy to share your information with your healthcare provider.

The test provides detailed reports on various aspects of your health and ancestry, allowing you to make informed decisions about your lifestyle and healthcare.

This genetic information also helps to guide me on the best tests to run, diet and lifestyle recommendations and even supplements that may be helpful for optimal health.

One of the standout features of SelfDecode is its personalized wellness reports. These reports analyze your genetic data to provide recommendations on supplements, diet, and exercise that are tailored to your specific needs.

This can be incredibly helpful for those looking to optimize their health and prevent disease.

I would never base a treatment plan just on someone’s genetic results, another feature of SelfDecode is the Lab Test Analyzer tool, this gives you a comprehensive analysis of your blood test results, optimal ranges and also enables you to track results over time.

Key Take-Aways

  1. With personalized health and wellness recommendations based on your genetic data, you can take steps to optimize your health and well-being based on your unique genetic profile.
  2. SelfDecode does not make recommendations on one single gene but uses polygenic risk scoring, this means their recommendations are based on thousands of genes to determine your risk and make recommendations based  on these results
  3. The lab test analyzer tool provides detailed, personalized reports on your lab markers, offering insights into what your results mean and how they relate to your health.
  4. Selfdecode DNA testing has a high level of accuracy and your privacy is assured as all data is encrypted, plus you own the data and can delete at any time 

What Is The SelfDecode DNA Test?

SelfDecode is a direct-to-consumer DNA testing company that provides personalized health and wellness recommendations based on an individual's genetic information.

The company offers a range of DNA tests that analyze genetic data to provide insights into various aspects of health, including nutrition, fitness, and disease risk.

If you have already done a genetic test with companies such as 23andme, AncestryDNA or another similar company then you don’t have to do the SelfDecode DNA test, you can simply upload the raw data from the test you have to SelfDecode to get the health insights.

SelfDecode's DNA tests are designed to help individuals better understand their genetic makeup and how it may impact their health.

The tests use advanced genetic sequencing and analysis techniques to identify genetic variants that may be associated with various health conditions or traits.

SelfDecode's DNA tests are easy to use and can be done from the comfort of your own home. The company provides a DNA collection kit that includes everything you need to collect a DNA sample, including a cheek swab and detailed instructions.

Once you've collected your DNA sample, you simply send it back to SelfDecode's laboratory for analysis.

The company's team of genetic experts will then analyze your DNA data and provide you with a detailed report that includes personalized health and wellness recommendations based on your genetic information.

Overall, SelfDecode's DNA tests are an excellent option for individuals who are interested in learning more about their genetic makeup and how it may impact their health.

With personalized health and wellness recommendations based on your genetic data, you can take steps to optimize your health and well-being based on your unique genetic profile.

How Does SelfDecode DNA Test Work?

SelfDecode DNA test is a comprehensive genetic testing service that analyzes your DNA to provide personalized health insights. Here's a breakdown of how the SelfDecode DNA test works:

  1. Ordering the DNA test kit: To get started, you need to order the SelfDecode DNA test kit from their website. The kit will be delivered to your doorstep, and it includes a saliva collection tube and detailed instructions on how to collect your sample. (unless you already have the raw DNA file from another company)

  2. Collecting the DNA sample: Once you receive the DNA testing kit, you need to collect your saliva sample and send it back to the company in the prepaid envelope provided. It's important to follow the instructions carefully to ensure that the sample is collected properly.

  3. Analyzing the DNA sample: Once SelfDecode receives your DNA sample, they extract the DNA from the saliva and copy it up to several million times to generate enough DNA to be genotyped. The genotyping process reads your DNA sequence, and the results are analyzed by a team of experts to provide you with personalized health insights.

  4. Receiving the results: After analyzing your DNA, SelfDecode provides you with a detailed report that includes information about your genetic predispositions, potential health risks, and personalized recommendations for improving your health. You can access your results online through their secure portal.

It's important to note that the SelfDecode DNA test is not a diagnostic tool and should not be used to replace medical advice from a healthcare professional.

Instead, it provides you with valuable information about your genetic makeup that can help you make informed decisions about your health and wellbeing.

Collection Instructions

  • Kit Registration: Go To Selfdecode.Com/Register To Enter Your Kit's Barcode And Personal Details, Such As Name, Ethnicity, Sex, And Birth Year. 
  • DNA Sample Collection

SelfDecode Provides Two Distinct Types Of DNA Tests Based On Your Global Location:

  1. Buccal (Cheek) Swab DNA Test Kit: Customers located in the USA, Canada, or Mexico will receive a buccal swab DNA test kit. The kit contains small, sterile swabs that resemble soft cotton tips. These swabs are used to collect cells from the inner lining of your cheek (buccal cells).
  2. Saliva Sample DNA Test Kit: Customers residing in all other countries will receive a saliva collection DNA test kit. The kit contains a sterile, screw-top collection tube with a stabilizing solution. It also includes a funnel that attaches to the collection tube to easily transfer the saliva into the tube without spillage.
  • Sample Return: Place the tube in the provided specimen bag and box. Send it back using the prepaid envelope and await your results via email in 6-8 weeks.

What’s Included in the SelfDecode DNA Test Kit

  • Collection tube with 2ml stabilizing liquid or Buccal swab collection
  • Collection funnel
  • Specimen bag
  • Prepaid return envelope
  • Instruction booklet
  • Barcode label for kit registration

This video will show you How To Use The SelfDecode DNA Kit

Features of the SelfDecode test

Comprehensive Genetic Analysis

SelfDecode uses a polygenic risk score approach, examining potentially thousands of genetic variants to provide a more accurate and comprehensive health assessment.

Personalized Health Recommendations

The service offers personalized wellness and lifestyle advice based on an individual's unique genetic profile, potentially helping to tailor diet, exercise, and supplement plans.

Lab Test Analyzer

SelfDecode may offer a tool that interprets common lab results, giving users a deeper understanding of what their medical tests indicate about their health in the context of their genetic data.

Privacy Commitment

SelfDecode typically emphasizes data privacy, ensuring user data is encrypted and giving users control over their genetic information.

Ongoing Updates

With continuous research and updates, SelfDecode might provide new insights and recommendations as scientific knowledge progresses and as more data is collected.

Cost and Value for Money

When it comes to DNA testing, cost is an important factor to consider. SelfDecode offers a range of pricing options to suit different needs and budgets. Here's a breakdown of the costs and value for money offered by SelfDecode:

Pricing Options

Free Trial

SelfDecode offers a free trial, this is very limited and will give you a free sample report.

Health Insights

For $99 per year, you can access all of SelfDecode's features, including personalized wellness reports, ancestry reports, and lab analyzer tool.


Get 10% Discount

DNA Kit + Health Insights

For $397, you can purchase a DNA kit that provides you with health insights based on your genetic data.


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DNA Kit + Health & Ancestry Insights

For $476, you can purchase a DNA kit that provides you with both health and ancestry insights based on your genetic data.


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Value for Money

SelfDecode's pricing options are competitive compared to other DNA testing companies. While the free trial is limited, it provides a good introduction to the platform and its features.

The annual subscription is a good option for those who want to access all of SelfDecode's features at an affordable price. The DNA kits are a bit more expensive, but they provide valuable insights into your health and ancestry.

Below is a comment from the SelfDecode CEO Joe Cohen about the recent price increase:

However, with each new report we launch and update, we have to run new polygenic risk scoring models on your genomic data, which requires an unbelievable amount of data processing power and resources.

We also have a highly skilled science team that is working in the background to create each new report and refine our advanced AI-driven models in the first place.

Most competitors charge $500+ for no sophisticated technology, analyzing under 100 SNPs and giving a simple PDF without any science-backed references attached.

Overall, SelfDecode offers good value for money with its range of pricing options and comprehensive reports.

User Experience

As someone who has used SelfDecode, I can say that the user experience is straightforward and easy to navigate. The website has a clean design and is user-friendly.

The process of ordering a DNA kit is simple, and the instructions for collecting and submitting a sample are clear.

Once you receive your results, you can easily access them through your account on the SelfDecode website. The reports are well-organized and provide a lot of information about your genetic makeup.

The reports are also easy to understand, with clear explanations of what each section means.

One thing I appreciate about SelfDecode is that they provide actionable recommendations based on your genetic data.

For example, they might suggest certain supplements or lifestyle changes that could benefit you based on your genetic profile. This personalized approach can be very helpful in making positive changes to your health.

Overall, I found the user experience with SelfDecode to be positive. The website is easy to use, the reports are informative and well-organized, and the personalized recommendations are a valuable addition.

One complaint that I have heard from clients is that a lot of their top recommendations focus on exercise, not smoking, improving sleep and eating a good quality diet - the main complaint is that these recommendations are too obvious.

I agree with this but SelfDecode is based on the latest science, and the fact is that these recommendations are the things that will improve most health outcomes.

If you're someone who has already adopted these healthy lifestyle strategies you can filter out these recommendations and only focus on the things that you are not already doing.

Note: You can upload genetic data from most DNA analysis websites, including AncestryDNA, 23andMe. If you don’t have your genetic data, you can order a SelfDecode DNA Testing Kit.


On a recent episode of his podcast, 'The Peter Attia Drive,' Dr. Peter Attia had a Q&A about genetics. 

He talked about how our genes help us understand health risks, how our DNA shapes who we are, and how complex it is to figure out risks for diseases that involve many genes. 

He also looked at home genetic tests from six companies and talked about what's good and bad about them. Based on quality, privacy and cost SelfDecode was one of his top two recommendations!

Customer Support

In my experience with SelfDecode, their customer support has been excellent. They offer several ways to get in touch with them, including email and live chat.

I found their customer support team to be knowledgeable and helpful, and they responded to my inquiries promptly.

SelfDecode also has a comprehensive FAQ section on their website, which covers a variety of topics related to their DNA testing services.

I found this section to be particularly helpful when I had questions about their testing process or how to interpret results.

Additionally, SelfDecode offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on their DNA testing kits. This provides customers with peace of mind, knowing that they can return their kit for a full refund if they are not satisfied with the results.

Overall, I was impressed with the level of customer support provided by SelfDecode. Their representatives were friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive, and their FAQ section and money-back guarantee demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Pros and Cons of SelfDecode Test


  • Detailed and easy to understand genetic reports explaining how specific genes may impact your health levels
  • Personalized health recommendations based on your health risks
  • Numerous blog posts on different health-related topics that contain your personalized SNP table
  • Privacy-focused approach (secured data encryption, payment processing by trusted companies)
  • Working on new features that could help people with interpretation and understanding of their genes


  • SelfDecode does give information on how specific drugs are affected by genes. The information is there but you need to know what to look for and search for it.
  • Lifetime subscription is not available anymore, you can only get a yearly subscription, but for some people a one year subscription maybe enough.
  • For some people the cost maybe high, there are cheaper options available but the quality of information to SelfDecode does not compare.

Accuracy of SelfDecode DNA Test

As someone who has used the SelfDecode DNA test, I can attest to the accuracy of the results. However, it's important to understand the scientific basis and reliability of the test before making any conclusions.

Scientific Basis

SelfDecode uses a combination of genetic testing and analysis to provide personalized health reports to its users.

The test analyzes over 700,000 genetic markers to identify potential health risks and provide recommendations for improving overall health.

The company claims that its testing methods are based on peer-reviewed scientific research and that its algorithms are constantly updated to reflect the latest findings in genetics.

Additionally, SelfDecode provides references to the scientific studies that support its findings, allowing users to review the research for themselves.


In terms of reliability, SelfDecode claims to have a high degree of accuracy when it comes to identifying genetic markers and potential health risks. However, it's important to note that no genetic test is 100% accurate.

SelfDecode recommends that users consult with a healthcare professional before making any major lifestyle changes based on the results of the test.

Additionally, the company provides a disclaimer that its reports are for informational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice.

Overall, the accuracy of the SelfDecode DNA test seems to be backed by solid scientific research and analysis.

However, it's important to approach the results with caution and this is why I always recommend that my clients schedule a consultation with me to help them understand their results.

I sometimes joke that one of the benefits of the SelfDecode test is that you will have lots of information about your health, but that one of the downsides of the test is that you will have lots of information about your health ….. This is where a one on one consultation can help you to understand the most important things for you to focus on.

Privacy and Data Security

As a customer of SelfDecode, I am concerned about the privacy and security of my genetic data. After conducting research, I found that SelfDecode takes privacy and data security very seriously.

SelfDecode uses industry-standard encryption to protect customer data. All data is stored on secure servers that are protected by firewalls and other security measures. SelfDecode also uses two-factor authentication to ensure that only authorized individuals can access customer data.

In addition to these security measures, SelfDecode also has a strict privacy policy that outlines how customer data is collected, used, and shared.

SelfDecode does not sell or share customer data with third parties without explicit consent from the customer.

SelfDecode also allows customers to control their own data. Customers can delete their data from the SelfDecode platform at any time. SelfDecode also offers an option for customers to download their raw genetic data, which can then be used with other genetic analysis tools.

The focus on privacy and security is one reason why I recommend SelfDecode over other DNA companies like 23andme or AncestryDNA where you don't have that same control over your information.

Overall, I feel confident in the privacy and security measures that SelfDecode has in place. As a customer, I appreciate the transparency and control that SelfDecode offers in regards to my genetic data.

Benefits of Using SelfDecode DNA Test

As someone who is interested in optimizing my health, I have found that the SelfDecode DNA test provides several benefits that make it worth considering. Here are some of the main benefits that I have found:

Personalized Health Insights

One of the biggest benefits of using SelfDecode is that it provides personalized health insights based on my DNA. By analyzing my genetic code, SelfDecode can identify potential health risks and provide recommendations for how to manage them.

For example, SelfDecode can identify genetic variants that increase my risk for certain diseases, such as Alzheimer's or heart health, and provide recommendations for lifestyle changes or supplements that can help reduce that risk.

Comprehensive Reports

SelfDecode offers a wide range of reports (currently 500+) that cover many different aspects of health and wellness.

Some of the reports that I have found particularly helpful include the Nutrition & Fitness Report, which provides recommendations for diet and exercise based on my genetic code, and the Longevity Report, which identifies genetic variants that are associated with aging and provides recommendations for how to slow down the aging process.

With so many genetic reports available it is hard to find health topics that are not covered.

Easy-to-Understand Results

One thing that I appreciate about SelfDecode is that the results are presented in a way that is easy to understand your genetic health.

The reports are well-organized and provide clear explanations of the genetic variants that are being analyzed. Additionally, SelfDecode provides a glossary of terms that can be helpful for anyone who is not familiar with genetics.

Do you want to see how a final report look like? Check out my video below for a quick look!

Affordable Pricing

Compared to other DNA testing services, I have found that SelfDecode offers very affordable pricing.

The basic DNA Kit + Health Insights test costs $397, with the option of a annual subscription fee of $99. *use coupon code PLANET to pay $357.30.

If you want to include ancestry information, the DNA Kit + Health & Ancestry Insights test costs $476, with the option of a annual subscription fee of $99.*use coupon code PLANET to pay $428.40

Additionally, if you have already taken a DNA test with another company, you can submit your DNA data file to SelfDecode and get all of the health reports for $298, with an optional $99 one year subscription.

For anyone who has already done a test this is the best option.*use coupon code PLANET to pay $268.20

Overall, I have found that using SelfDecode has been a helpful tool for understanding my genetic code and making more informed decisions about my health.

While it is important to keep in mind that genetics is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to health, I have found that the personalized insights provided by SelfDecode have been a valuable resource for optimizing my wellness.

Subscriptions are not my favorite option, I prefer to pay a one off fee, but I understand why SelfDecode has changed to a subscription model as they are constantly adding new reports and features to the dashboard.

But for many people if they just want an overview of their genetics just getting a one year subscription and then canceling is an option, and you can also download as many reports as you like.

Comparison with Other DNA Tests

I have researched and compared SelfDecode with other popular DNA testing companies to help you make an informed decision.


23andMe is one of the most popular DNA companies that offer ancestry and health reports. Their basic DNA test costs $99, with additional health reports available for $199.

They have a larger database and can provide more ancestry information compared to SelfDecode. However, SelfDecode offers more in-depth health reports based on your genetic variants.

Selfdecode uses Polygenic Risk Predictions which typically having quite significant predictive power and is more accurate than looking a single genes.


AncestryDNA is another popular DNA testing company that focuses on ancestry reports. Their basic DNA test costs $99, and they have a larger database of genealogical records. However, they do not offer health reports like SelfDecode does.


MyHeritage is a DNA testing company that offers both ancestry and health reports. Their basic DNA test costs $79, and they have a large database of genealogical records. However, their health reports are not as in-depth as SelfDecode.

Living DNA

Living DNA is a DNA testing company that focuses on ancestry reports. Their basic DNA test costs $79, and they have a large database of genealogical records. However, they do not offer health reports like SelfDecode does.

Limitations of SelfDecode DNA Test

As with any DNA test, the SelfDecode DNA test has some limitations that users should be aware of before purchasing. Here are some of the limitations of the SelfDecode DNA test:

Limited Interpretation of Results

SelfDecode's interpretation of genetic data is based on scientific research, but it is important to note that the research is ongoing and subject to change.

As a result, the interpretation of a user's genetic data may be limited by the current state of scientific knowledge. This is where a consultation to help you understand your results can be an advantage.

As new research and information becomes available the health reports are update to reflect this, and this is one reason why an ongoing subscription is worthwhile.

Limited Testing for Rare Genetic Conditions

SelfDecode does not test for rare genetic conditions, which means that users may not be aware of their risk for these conditions.

If you have a family history of a rare genetic condition, it may be best to consult with a genetic counselor or healthcare provider who can provide more specific testing.

Limited Ability to Predict Future Health

While SelfDecode can provide insights into a user's current health and wellness, it cannot predict future health outcomes with certainty.

The genetic variations analyzed by SelfDecode are only one factor that can influence health, and environmental and lifestyle factors also play a significant role.

In fact your diet and lifestyle have a big impact on your future health and this is a good thing as it means that you have more control over your health outcomes.

Review of SelfDecode Products

DNA Wellness Reports

SelfDecode reports explain the function of different genes, analyze your DNA, and tell you in case there is an elevated risk of developing this or that health condition.

Also, each report is easy to read and understand and will contain recommendations based on your genotype. 

These gene-based recommendations will help you adjust your diet and make some important lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of a certain condition.

You can also easily share this data with your doctor in order to get answers to all your medical issues.

There are many report, and here is a brief summary of some of the reports that are available:

  • Inflammation - detects the risks of developing inflammatory conditions such as bone inflammation, brain disorders, respiratory, skin and digestive problems
  • Cardiovascular - detects the risks of developing cardiovascular disorders such as congestive heart failure, stroke, etc
  • Sleep - shows how genes influence the quality of sleep and increase the risks of certain sleep disorders
  • Vitamins - explains how genes affect the way your body absorbs vitamins A (carotenoids and retinol), B9, B12, C, D, E, K
  • Minerals - explains how your genes affect levels of Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Zinc
  • Mood - explains how genes affect your mental health and emotional balance
  • ApoE - interpretation of your ApoE genotype
  • Fitness -  explains your response to exercise and detects risks of exercise-related injury
  • Cognitive function - explains how genes affect your cognitive function
  • MTHFR gene - interpretation of rs1801133 & rs1801131 genotype
  • Longevity - shows how genes affect longevity, cell growth and DNA repair
  • Thyroid - shows if you’re predisposed to thyroid issues (Hypothyroidism, Graves’ Disease, Hashimoto’s Disease, etc)
  • Gut Health - helps detect the risk of IBS, Celiac Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease
  • Body weight - shows whether genes impact your body weight and metabolism

The Health Overview DNA Wellness Report 

The first overview report contains analysis of traits and genes associated with them. The report will cover the following categories: vitamin processing, eating habits (milk in your coffee, experience of eating), fitness and fat burning abilities, and cognitive function.

SelfDecode report

Then in the report you’ll find detailed recommendations based on your genotype and health risks.

The Specialized Genetic Reports 

The specialized reports provide important insights into your health risks. For instance, if you notice difficulty losing weight, your genes can play an important role in this.

Even the elevated risk of depression can be detected by analysis of your genes. You may be genetically-predisposed to many diseases, the sooner you find out about this the better. 

If you are aware of your potential health risks, you may implement some necessary lifestyle changes and diet adjustments in order to reduce the risk of disease and prevent complications. 

Here is the example of recommendations I’ve got from SelfDecode report:

SelfDecode recommendations

Personalized Genetics Blog


The SelfDecode blog is not just an average blog with articles on health-related topics. The content and recommendation in each blog post change based on your genetic data.

In order to get access to your Personalized SNP Table and personalized suggestions, you just have to sign up and upload your genetic data. 

Each blog post is written by research scientists, physician scientists, people who acquired knowledge in genetics, biology, pharmacology, neuroscience, molecular microbiology, biophysics and bioinformatics.

‘Health Categories’ Experimental Feature 

Health Categories is another interesting option provided by SelfDecode. You can choose a different category and find out more about your gut health, mental health, susceptibility to addiction, drug response, and many more.

These are the main categories, you may look through to get some extra details on your health risks based on your genetic data:

  • Brain 
  • Heart and Blood Vessels
  • Hormones
  • Gut Health
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Pain and Fatigue
  • Sleep
  • Bone, Joint and Muscles
  • Metabolic Health
  • Immune Function and Inflammation
  • Kidneys and Urinary Tract
  • Reproductive Health
  • Skin Health

Unraveling Your Lab Tests with SelfDecode's Lab Test Analyzer

Does this sound familiar: You get your lab test results back, a stack of numbers, ranges, and terms that might seem like they're written in a foreign language.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed or confused. Enter the SelfDecode Lab Test Analyzer tool—a platform designed to break down and explain your lab results in plain, understandable language.

What is SelfDecode's Lab Test Analyzer?

SelfDecode is a cutting-edge health platform that aims to empower individuals with tools to decode their genetics, labs, and overall health. One of its standout features is the Lab Test Analyzer tool.

This tool provides detailed, personalized reports on your lab markers, offering insights into what your results mean and how they relate to your health.

Lab Test Analyzer Benefits

Doctors often just tell patients “everything is fine” or don’t have time to fully explain your lab markers, many patients find themselves left with unanswered questions or a desire for a deeper understanding of their health.

Moreover, in the age of online lab testing where individuals can order tests without a doctor's visit, there's an increased need for tools that can assist in deciphering these results.

How Does SelfDecode's Lab Test Analyzer Work?

  • Input Your Results: This is very simple as uploading a pdf file of your results and the analysis is done automatically, if you don’t have a pdf you can input results manually

  • Comprehensive Analysis: The tool scans your results against a vast database of medical literature, curated data, and established reference ranges.

  • Personalized Insights: Receive a detailed report that not only explains your results but also offers personalized health insights. It might suggest lifestyle changes, dietary recommendations, and even potential conditions to watch out for

Benefits of the Lab Test Analyzer

  • Understand Your Health: With a comprehensive breakdown of your results, you're empowered to make informed decisions about your health.

  • Take Proactive Steps: Based on the results and insights, you can take preventive measures to address potential health issues before they become problematic.

  • Tailored Recommendations: Unlike generic lab reports, SelfDecode's Lab Test Analyzer offers suggestions tailored to your specific results. This includes supplement recommendations and lifestyle changes

  • Ease of Use: The platform's user-friendly interface ensures that even those not tech-savvy can benefit from its insights.

  • If you are in the U.S you have the option of ordering lab tests through the SelfDecode labs service, this is very convenient. If you are a client of Planet Naturopath you will get a wider range of testing and cheaper prices if you order through us.

  • SelfDecode also have an option to order personalized supplement formulations based on your results. I have not used this service yet.

Is It a Replacement for Doctors?

While the Lab Test Analyzer tool offers a wealth of information and insights, it's essential to remember that it's not a replacement for professional medical advice.

Always consult with healthcare professionals when making decisions about your health or interpreting lab results.

The tool acts as a supplement, enhancing your understanding and ensuring you're better equipped to have productive conversations with your health practitioner.

SelfDecode Meal Plan Builder: Personalized Nutrition at Your Fingertips

In the era of personalized health, understanding that one size does not fit all is crucial. With nutrition playing a vital role in our overall well-being, the quest for a meal plan tailored to individual needs has become a priority for many.

Enter the SelfDecode Meal Plan Builder – a tool designed to make personalized nutrition not just a luxury, but an accessible reality for all.

Key Features

  • DNA-Based Recommendations: By analyzing genes related to metabolism, nutrient absorption, and other dietary factors, the tool suggests foods that your body is likely to benefit from the most.

  • Diverse Recipes: The tool doesn't just tell you what to eat but offers a range of delicious recipes, ensuring variety and taste aren’t compromised.

  • Dietary Preferences Considered: Whether you're vegan, keto, paleo, or have other dietary needs, the Meal Plan Builder adjusts accordingly, ensuring your plan is both beneficial and aligned with your food choices.

How SelfDecode Meal Plan Builder Works

The SelfDecode Meal Plan Builder harnesses the power of individual genetic data to curate meal plans.

By integrating insights from your DNA analysis, it recommends foods and recipes that align with your genetic predispositions, health goals, and even dietary preferences.

This means you're not just getting a generic healthy meal plan, but one crafted specifically for your unique genetic makeup.

Why It's Revolutionary

The beauty of the SelfDecode Meal Plan Builder lies in its commitment to personalized health. Instead of following popular diets that might work for some but not others, users receive a plan based on their DNA.

This increases the likelihood of not only achieving health goals but also enjoying and sticking to the meal plan. After all, it's designed with their unique body in mind.

Conclusion SelfDecode Test Review

After using SelfDecode, I can confidently say that it is one of the most comprehensive DNA testing services available.

With its easy-to-use interface, personalized wellness reports and ancestry reports lab analyzer tool, it is a great choice for anyone looking to learn more about their genetic makeup.

One of the standout features of SelfDecode is its ability to provide actionable insights based on your DNA.

By analyzing your genetic data, SelfDecode can provide you with personalized health goals, including recommendations for diet, exercise, and supplements. This can be incredibly helpful for anyone looking to optimize their health and wellness.

Another great aspect of SelfDecode is its commitment to privacy. The company takes great care to protect your personal information and genetic data, and they do not share your information with any third parties without your consent.

Overall, if you're looking for a comprehensive DNA testing service that can provide you with personalized insights and recommendations, I highly recommend giving SelfDecode a try.

With its affordable pricing options and commitment to privacy, it is a great choice for anyone looking to learn more about their genetic makeup and optimize their health and wellness.

Alternatives to SelfDecode


Genetic Genie

Genetic Genie is a free DNA data analysis service. Absolutely anyone can use it to learn more about  DNA genetic variants and health risks.

It works simply, you just upload your raw DNA data, wait a few seconds and get access to the information such as genetic conditions, drug response, rare mutations, uncommon mutations, and other risks.

  • Compared to SelfDecode, it’s a little bit basic, yet useful for people eager to learn more about DNA genetic variants. It can also come in handy for researchers and students learning about genetic conditions.

Found My Fitness 

Found My Fitness is another great platform for analysis of your genes. You can also find a lot of useful videos, podcasts and articles.

When you upload your DNA data, just wait 5 minutes and your comprehensive report will be generated. The genetic report will include different specialized reports:

  • Circadian Report 
  • Cholesterol Report 
  • ApoE Report
  •  Longevity Report 
  • Methylation Report 
  • Telomere Report 
  • Fitness Report 
  • Metabolism Report 
  • Micronutrient Report 
  • Viral Report
  • The only problem is that it covers a limited amount of genes. With SelfDecode, you will have a more detailed report.


Stratagene focuses on well-researched clinically relevant genes. It shows how genetic polymorphisms work and interact with your diet, lifestyle and environment. 

Additionally, you’ll find a lot of useful content and learn about things like methylation, practical application of methylation and epigenetics, and how to approach SNPs.

  • As for the disadvantages, it assesses a limited number of genes and it is a slightly pricey option.

MTHFR Support 

MTHFR Support is one more popular option, it works as simple as the other solutions for analyzing your genes. You just upload your raw genetic data from 23andMe or AncestryDNA to Sterling’s App,and wait a bit for your detailed report to be created. The report will contain SNPs that may negatively influence your health. It will cover the following sections:

  • Eye health
  • Detox
  • Tongue tie/cleft palate
  • Methylation
  • Allergy/mold
  • IgE, IgA, IgG, 
  • Clotting disorders
  • Thyroid 
  • Tongue tie/cleft palate
  • Celiacs/gluten intolerance
  • Mitochondrial function 
  • Sulfonotransferase genes
  • The main drawback of MTHFR Support is that it provides genetic reports with the information on some genes that don’t have science-based evidence showing they affect your health, plus no actionable information.

Bottom line

SelfDecode is a great tool for health-focused people searching for ways to improve health. 

It will help you understand the way your body works better. The genetic report by SelfDecode won’t overwhelm you with a lot of complicated information.

Each report has proper explanations and recommendations that you can understand without having PhD in genetics. 

Also, you can learn more from the personalized genetic blog. Other companies that provide genetic DNA testing, may not offer detailed recommendations based on your health risks, or simply cover only a limited number of genes. Also, some other DNA testing options can be quite expensive.

Therefore, if you are searching for an optimal solution to analyze your genes and their impact on your health, SelfDecode is the right choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a DNA file, do I need to purchase a new kit?

If you have a DNA file from a genetic company that is listed below you do not need to do a new test.

What companies does SelfDecode accept DNA files from?

Here is a list of companies that are compatible with SelfDecode:

  • 23AndMe

  • Ancestry

  • Atlas

  • Circle DNA [23andMe format but with 50M of variants, Whole exome sequencing (WES)]

  • Courtagen

  • Dante Labs (SNP VCF file)

  • DDC

  • Diagnomics

  • DNA.Land

  • Family Tree

  • Genes For Good

  • iGene

  • Illumina

  • Living DNA

  • Map My Genome

  • MyHeritage

  • Nebula Deep & Ultra Deep (SNP VCF file)

  • Nutrition Genome

  • Sequencing

  • Strategene

  • Your Genomic Resource

SelfDecode requires that you upload a raw DNA file. Please upload a .txt, .csv, .zip, .gz, or .vcf version of your raw data file.

Do I need a SelfDecode subscription?

No, the subscription is optional but if you have an active subscription you will get the updated DNA wellness reports and access to all of the features beyond the first year that you pay for.

Does the SelfDecode test require a saliva sample or cheek swab?

If you are located in the USA, Canada or Mexico you only need a buccal cheek swab, this makes it more convenient for many people, especially if you are testing children.

At the moment customers in other countries still need to provide a saliva sample.

Does SelfDecode provide ancestry information

You have the option to order a test with or without the ancestry option, and it is possible to add this later if you don't order now.

You get detailed ancestry reports and you can trace your mitochondrial ancestry, this will trace your maternal lineage to discover your ancestral roots.

Does SelfDecode test APOE, MTHFR and COMT genes?

Yes, these are some of the most researched genes and Selfdecode has detailed DNA reports on these genes. Plus you can find personalized genetic blog posts about these genes.

The APOE gene is commonly referenced by Dr Peter Attia and one gene that people often want to know about after the Limitless documentary with Chris Hemsworth.

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