Recommended Products & Programs

Products and meditation programs I personally recommend as a Naturopath and Nutritionist

Recommended Products

As a Naturopath and Nutritionist, I am always searching for the best products and services that I can use to help my clients improve their health, and as a health and fitness nut myself I am always trying new things to optimize my own health.

This is a short collection of products and services that I have personally tried and found to be great quality, and have had great results with many clients.

Advanced Home-Based Testing

The Viome and LetsGetChecked tests are advanced comprehensive tests that use innovative technologies and artificial intelligence to help you detect the underlying cause fo your health problems and optimize your health levels.

I have tried both tests personally, and highly recommend them for everyone trying to restore and support health.


LetsGetChecked is a health testing company that uses cutting-edge technologies to provide accurate numbers and help you detect health problems. It offers various blood tests that are grouped into four categories: general wellness, women’s health, men’s health, sexual health.

With LetsGetChecked you can asses hormones, vitamins, cholesterol, and lipid levels, sexual health, and thyroid function, and even detect diabetes and the presence of cancerous growths in the colon.

The main benefit of the LetsGetChecked tests that they all can be done in the privacy of your own home and you don’t have to visit a clinic or lab. You will receive an anonymized kit with all the items and detailed instructions to take a sample. As soon as you have a sample, you just send it for lab analysis back without any additional fee.

Your results will be available from your online account within 2 to 5 days. You’ll also receive a call from the medical specialist that will interpret your results and provide dietary recommendations and medical assistance.

The blood testing has never been so easy!

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Viome test is a comprehensive at-home test that doesn’t require you to visit a hospital or lab. Due to the metatranscriptomic sequencing technology and artificial intelligence, Viome assesses all the living microorganisms in your gut microbiome and identifies whether they produce toxins or nutrients.

When the results are ready, you’ll receive an email notification. However, you’ll have not only hard numbers but also personalized food recommendations. The aim of Viome testing is to help you support healthy digestion and optimize your overall health by consuming the right foods. 

If you log into your Viome account, you will be able to view lists of probiotics and supplements, and foods to enjoy, minimize or eliminate from the diet. 

By following the Viome recommendations, you can balance your microbiome and improve digestion, support weight loss, enhance sleep quality and mental clarity.

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I have been practicing meditation for 25 years and tried many techniques, including Transcendental meditation (TM), Vipassana meditation 10 day silent retreats, and the latest brain wave technology.

While a 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat may be the best option to get a deep meditation experience, for many people this is not practical. The options that I am recommending give you the physical and mental benefits of meditation without the need to live like a monk for 10 days.

The best meditation program is going to be one that you can incorporate into your life on a daily basis. A good idea is to try a few different techniques and then settle on one style of meditation for at least a few months to assess the benefits.

Ziva Meditation Course

Ziva is a unique daily practice that embodies trifecta of three tools: meditation, mindfulness and manifesting. This technique fills you with the power to handle your everyday stress, get rid of stress from your past and succeed in achieving your dreams.

Ziva is an effective stress-relieving tool that cleanses your body and mind from stress at the cellular level. Also, it doesn’t require app installation, drop-in or burning incenses, and is suitable for people of any age trying to bring back the balance to the mind, body, and spirit.

Removing the stress with Ziva meditation, you can fight depression and anxiety, ADHD, insomnia, and migraines, reverse the aging process, improve your mental focus and productivity, and enhance your sex life naturally.

Currently, Ziva course is available in live and digital option:

zivaLIVE: learning technique in person with Emily (2 hours a day over 4 days).

zivaONLINE: 15-day online training through group coaching calls with Emily.

Find out more about ZIVA Meditation


Headspace is a meditation program that you can use on your iPhone or Android device and it teaches you how to practice mindfulness meditation. It only requires you to practice for 10 minutes a day, so it is easy to fit into a busy schedule and this is best suited to people who want to understand the different techniques of mindfulness meditation.

There is a free 10-day trial that I would encourage everybody to give a try, and if you like this style of meditation you have the option of buying the full program.


The Wim Hof Method

This is not your typical meditation program but I have to include the Wim Hof Method because this is the type of meditation that I do every morning. The Wim Hof method involves special breathing exercises to not only give you the stress reduction benefits of meditation, but it also helps to boost your immune system, reduce inflammation and give you more energy.

Anybody can do the Wim Hof Method as it is an easy technique to learn, but it does require commitment and effort so it may not be for everybody. The best way to learn the Wim Hof Method is by doing the 10-week course, this teaches you in a step by step way so that anybody can follow along and experience the benefits.

Find out more about this technique at Wim Hof Method.



If you are having health problems, or you simply want to optimize your health then supplements can help you fast track your progress. Nutritional supplements are not a “magic” health pill that will solve all of your problems, they do not replace a healthy diet or give you a free ticket to make poor lifestyle choices.

If you are having health issues I encourage you to schedule a consultation, this will give you a plan of what supplements would be the best for you, as well as a diet and lifestyle plan.

Seed Daily Synbiotic

The Seed Synbiotic is a new cutting-edge probiotic supplement that combines naturally-occurring probiotic strains with plant-based, non-fermenting prebiotics sourced from Scandinavian Chaga mushroom, Indian pomegranate, and pine bark.

The Daily Synbiotic is available in female (24 strains) and male (20 strains) formulations, which makes this supplement even more powerful to meet the unique needs of women and men.

The advanced formula of Seed Synbiotic helps improve digestive health, support gut immune function, and gut barrier integrity, cardiovascular health, skin health, and reproductive health. The perk of Female Daily Synbiotic formulation is that it increases folate production which is crucial for fertility and healthy pregnancy.

To sum up, the Seed probiotic and prebiotic supplement is a great option for those who are struggling to restore intestinal flora, improve digestion and overall health.


Bulletproof Products for Specialised Health Products

Bulletproof coffee is fast becoming the go-to performance enhancer and weight loss hack for many people around the world, and something that I occasionally enjoy to help experience the benefits of ketosis. Bulletproof is more than just coffee and they have many products to help improve mental and physical performance, my favourite product in the Bulletproof range is “Brain Octane Oil” which as the name suggests is fantastic for mental performance.

Bulletproof Products in Australia are Available at Optimoz

Optimoz is a fantastic Australian website which stocks all the Bulletproof products, plus many more supplement, specialized foods and accessories. Besides the brain octane oil one of my favorite products at Optimoz is Prescript Assist which is one of the best probiotics available.

Image that says bulletproof power mind and body optimoz

Supplement Brands That I Recommend

In Australia, I use and recommend the best quality brands like Metagenics, Research Nutrition, Biomedica, and Orthoplex. These products can only be prescribed by a practitioner after the consultation. If you are interested in these products you can book a consultation here.

Thorne Research is my go-to resource for products with clients in North America, UK, and Europe. The quality is very high and they are at the cutting edge of research.

Allergy Research Group have many excellent products, I mainly use them when treating digestion infections like H.Pylori, parasite or bacterial infections.

Jarrow Formulas and Now Foods are other companies that I recommend, especially if you are looking for quality products that are also good value.

Where to Buy

In the U.S, Canada, U.K and, Europe the quickest and easiest way for many people is to buy from Amazon.

Another great place to buy great supplements and health food products is as they ship to most countries around the world, and have amazing prices.

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