Is Viome’s New Precision Supplements Line Right For Me?


Viome’s Supplements are tailored to the health of your gut - and to your immune system - to help support balance inside you.

How well your body is able to function depends heavily on a number of factors including your environment, your level of stress, the quality of your diet, and the resilience of your immune system. 

Negative influences in just one of these factors is enough to destabilize your health, but combined - your body may find it more and more difficult to distinguish foreign invaders from your own cells.

How Gut Bacteria Support Your Health


Our food provides us energy to heal and nutrients that facilitate recovery. Although nutrition is commonly considered preventative medicine, the reverse can be said as much. 

Poor nutrition, or even regular gaps in key nutrients, has the potential to exacerbate the stress placed on our body rather than relieve it.

From Digestion to Immune System Support

Many researchers have found that even with a healthy diet, we may not be fully able to reap all nutrients in our diet. We also require a diverse ecosystem of bacteria and other microbes in our digestive tract to help us break down and absorb many hard to digest compounds. 

Known as the gut microbiome, companies like Viome are improving the health of individuals by changing the way we view nutrition and doing away with a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Focusing on You Instead Everyone Else

Rather than viewing the forest over the tree, Viome works with each person to help support a balanced and healthy colony of gut bacteria that aid in our ability to digest our food and even relay beneficial signals that support our immune system.

From the moment we are born, bacteria begin to colonize our gut and help us develop our immune system. Studies have shown that this early introduction of bacteria helps newborns develop a strong immune response and can reduce the risk of asthma, food allergies, and other immune-mediated conditions. 

And as we grow, our gut microbiome can influence a lot of other immune-related diseases.

Inflammation and the Gut

More than 70% of our immune system is housed in our gut. This close proximity makes immune cell recruitment very accessible in times of need - like fighting a foreign pathogen. Many foreign compounds pass through our digestive tract, and our gut microbes help communicate with the rest of our body if they notice any threats. 

However, if your gut microbiome isn’t healthy, their ability to communicate with our body (and our immune cells) becomes unstable. 

In addition, an imbalanced gut microbiome may increase the risk of abnormal conditions in your gut. Inflammatory bowel diseases and ‘leaky gut syndrome’ can increase instances of inflammation and even lead to an overactive immune response in other regions of the body.

What is Precision Nutrition?

Viome has already delivered an impressive Gut Intelligence Test that boasts the ability to analyze the impact of your gut microbiome on your digestive health. Now they’re combining it with an all new Health Intelligence Test that can further decode the impact of your gut health on other areas like your cellular and immune system health.

Part of their new features includes assessing inflammation in other regions of your body and understanding how it’s affecting your cells. 

Using their machine learning algorithms and translational science expertise, they can convert your results to precision nutrition recommendations that are tailored to support your specific needs. 

Your Viome results can show you how your diet is affecting your microbiome and your health, giving you detailed information on what are your personal superfoods and what you should avoid.

And now, they’re offering something even more impressive: precision supplements.

What You Get with Viome’s Precision Supplement Line

We don’t always eat what we are supposed to, but even when we do we might still experience gaps in nutrition or fail to reap the benefits of many beneficial supplements.

The trick, though, is finding out which supplements may be right for you and at what dose.

And more so, if your immune system is compromised, you may have to be very careful about the supplements you take.

Every person’s experience with an inflammatory disorder is unique. For some, they may suffer from an inactive immune system that doesn’t alert to pathogens or foreign invaders. Viome assesses this issue to recommend specialized supplements to help beef up their immune response. 

Alternatively, your immune system may be extremely overactive and inflammation may cause significant issues in your body. Rather, this may call for a supplement protocol rich with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds.

In addition, their precision supplements include your own formula of pre- and probiotics to help enrich the gut with the right bacteria to help rebalance your own gut microbiome and stop these issues at the source.

Is Viome’s New Precision Supplements Line Right For Me? 1

Personalized is What Viome Does Best

The supplement industry isn’t always about offering what’s right for you. There are plenty of issues when it comes to quality and dose.

But where Viome leads in design, they also excel in personalization. Every formula is catered to you and you alone. 

Your needs are assessed using their comprehensive list of scores that examine your gut microbiome health, cellular health and stress, mitochondrial health, biological age, and your immune system health (including the level of inflammation you may experience). 

Viome’s line of precision supplements provides you with your own specialized recipe cultivated from a list of 250+ highest quality vitamins, minerals, botanicals, and extracts with a unique formula of pre- and probiotics catered to address the gaps in your gut microbiome.

Cut Out Unnecessary Costs

Viome takes the guesswork out of your supplement routine and puts together a package for supplements that is more affordable than ordering each ingredient on your own. 

Not to mention, getting specialized supplements that include a level of specificity you just can’t beat. Each ingredient’s dose is calculated at exactly what you need: no more, no less.

Viome is definitely upping the game when it comes to precision nutrition. They’ve converted their service to offering not just an excellent gut health test to understand the bigger picture of what’s inside you - but they’ve gone on to offer a Health Intelligence test that gets you real actionable insight into your health at a cellular level. 

Their new Health Intelligence Test is valued at $599, but they’re offering it for only $249. That’s precision level insight on a fraction of the cost of other tests that don’t even make the cut. And with precision level supplements made just for you starting at $X a month, you can’t really afford not to try it out.

And if you’re experiencing high levels of immune stress and need a new way to dial in your health, look no further than Viome. With all the growing research unmasking the relationship between the gut microbiome and a number of immune disorders, taking care of your gut ecosystem seems like a simple, yet effective place to start.

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