SelfDecode DNA Test Health Consultation

So you have done a DNA test and you would like to know what all of this genetic information means.

This is when a SelfDecode genetic DNA test health consultation can help.

Whether you have done an ancestry DNA test like 23andme, or a specific health test through one of the many DNA testing companies we can help you decode the information.

I recommend uploading the raw genetic data into the SelfDecode database as their genetic reports are the most comprehensive available. (I can do that for you at a discounted price)

But what do you do with all of that information?

How do you know how your DNA data is affecting your health?

Just because you have certain genes for a particular condition it does not mean that is going to lead to health issues.

This article explains how we interpret the results from your genetic test, and how we use functional pathology testing to assess how your genes are influencing your health.

A lot of research has been done since the human genome project was completed in 2003 and one of the biggest discoveries is that your genes do not cause your health problems, but it is epigenetics and the influences of your diet and lifestyle that can affect your health.

Privacy Concerns With DNA Testing

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Many people have privacy concerns with DNA testing and how this may have a negative impact on insurance, job prospects and what happens to your personal data.

This was highlighted in a recent 60 minutes episode which focused on companies like 23andme and AncestryDNA, if you do a genetic test through these companies they own your data.

These privacy concerns are well founded and has deterred many people from doing genetic testing.

This is why I recommend the SelfDecode DNA kit, they have strict privacy regulations and most importantly you own the data, which means you can delete it at any time.

With SelfDecode your data is encrypted and will never be shared.

Once you order your DNA testing kit, it is sent from the lab in Germany and you will be required to do a saliva sample before sending the test kit back to the lab.

It takes around 6 weeks to get your results which is similar for most genetic testing companies.

If however you are like me and have done a 23andme test or similar ancestry test you can still take advantage of the SelfDecode product and add your raw DNA data.

This will save you the cost of doing another gene test.

Another option I am asked about is full genome sequencing, and while the cost of this has come down, the genome research does not indicate that a full genome sequence analysis will give us more information that we need.

SelfDecode DNA Wellness Reports


With the SelfDecode DNA wellness report you are given a comprehensive report on over 30 topics. 

Each report is 30 - 50 pages long, explaining exactly what genes are tested, whether you have any of the "bad genes" that can have a negative influence on your health.

For some people just reading the detailed reports and the recommendations based on their genetic variations is all they need to take action and see improvement in their health.

You can read more about the reports that are available in my SelfDecode review, plus they are adding new ones every month.

But with a one-on-one genetic counseling session we don't just look at your genetic results, but how they are affecting you on an individual level.

Let's have a look at what happens during our one-on-one consultations and how we come up with your personalized health recommendations.

Over 30 reports cover a wide range of topics, some of the reports are focused on nutrition and diet like:

The Vitamin report assessing your risk of deficiency for Vitamina A, D, E and K plus Vitamin C, Folate and folic acid, and Vitamin B12

The Mineral report assessing your risk for deficiency for magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and sodium sensitivity.

The Food Sensitivity report assesses risk for lactose intolerance, carbohydrate intolerance, alcohol tolerance, histamine intolerance, food allergy risk, food additives, wheat intolerance and lectin sensitivity. Remember just because you have a particular trait it does not mean that it is an issue for you.

Other reports are focused on particular health issues like eczema, acne, lupus, thyroid, ADHD or rheumatoid arthritis.

Some of my favourite reports are the ones that look at the big picture like longevity and oxidative stress risk, weight loss, APOE, COMT, sleep, fitness and injury risk and cognitive health.

Personalized Genetic Consultation

Once you have scheduled your consultation and fill out a detailed health history form which will include information about the following:

  • Family history of diseases or particular traits that your parents or siblings show
  • Current diet and any diets you have tried in the past
  • Any significant illnesses or infections that you have or have had in the past
  • Emotional stressors or other past traumas
  • Medications and past antibiotic use
  • Current supplements 

We may review past lab test results to see what has been tested previously which can help with future recommendations.

Your First Consultation

  • At your first consultation, we will go through your current health concerns, discuss how genetic variants maybe influencing your health.
  • We will discuss how these can be influenced and improved by making dietary and lifestyle changes, these are often the biggest epigenetic switches that can help you improve your health.

The reason for doing a DNA genetic test can vary from person to person, some people are on a mission to address chronic health issues. Other people may have a significant family history and want to do everything to prevent problems as they age, while other people are focusing on optimization.

  • We will discuss your pathology results and what tests need to be done based on your genetics, often people have had only basic blood testing done previously. Many people don't know their vitamin Dzinc, copper, B12 or other nutrient levels - we also make sure that they are in the optimal ranges using the lab test analyzer software.
  • You will be given a written report with recommendations for blood tests, and possibly other more advanced tests like the Organic Acids test, DUTCH hormone test or the GI-MAP test.
  • We will also recommend dietary and lifestyle changes based on the genetic markers and your current health issues.

The blood tests can be done with your doctor or we can organize everything for you.

Your Second Genetic Consultation

  • At your follow-up appointment we will review the test results and review your progress with the changes you have made since your first consultation.
  • We are looking at the big picture and not just focusing on individual genetic SNPs like MTHFR which a lot of people tend to focus on.

MTHFR is a good example to use, just because a "genetic weakness" has been identified it does not mean that this is a problem for you. Stress, diet, infections and many other factors can influence your genes. 

  • With your test result we will assess folate levels, homocysteine levels, organic acid markers along with your symptoms to assess if you need to take extra folate. This is a different approach to saying that everyone with the MTHFR gene variant needs more folate.

Personally, I have this gene, along with many other genetic weaknesses and taking folate can often cause more problems for me and this is because of some of the other genes in the methylation cycle.

It is important to not look at genes in isolation, it is also important to not look at each lab marker in isolation.

  • At the conclusion of this consultation you will have a better idea of the best supplements for you to take to address any deficiencies, the best diet for you and if there are any other infections, toxins or other factors that are having a negative effect on your health.
  • You will be given a written report with the most important things to focus on, we don't want you feeling overwhelmed with too many things to do.

Follow-up testing to make sure that the lab results improve is important, but more importantly we want to see your health improve.

Follow-Up Consultations


Once you have your personalized plan, follow up consultations are optional, but I find that many people like to make sure that that they are on the right track.

  • This is especially true for people with chronic gut infections, Lyme disease, Mold toxicity or who have other chronic health issues - in this situation the road to health is a journey and we often have to do things with a step by step approach.

It is important to remember that you cannot implement a treatment plan simply based on a genetic SNP, this is why we combine your lab results, diet, lifestyle and family history together to make our recommendations.

What Is Epigenetics


Just because you have a genetic tendency towards a particular health condition, this does not mean that it is going to happen.

This is where epigenetics comes into the picture, epigenetics is how your behavior and environment affect how your genes work.

For example, if you have a family history of cardiovascular disease, your SelfDecode cardiovascular report shows a high risk of disease - plus you smoke, drink to excess and don't exercise then there is a high chance you will have a heart attack.

But if you take action on the recommendations in your SelfDecode report, eat well, exercise and have a healthy lifestyle you are much less likely to have a heart attack.

These are some of the epigenetic triggers affecting our genes that are particularly affected by our modern lifestyle.

  •  Exercise, how often, how intense, for how long
  • Sleep, hours per night, awakenings, time to fall back to sleep
  • Sunlight, direct sunlight per day, whether sunlight hit the eyes/body
  • Environment
  • Mold, environmental pollutants, EMFs
  • Stress, relationships, being a part of community
  • Mindfulness practices, support network, life fulfillment
  • Diet, nutrient deficiencies, processed foods
  • Digestion, infections, how well are you absorbing nutrients and eliminating wastes

Epigenetics is a good thing, this means that we have control of our health and we are not destined for any particular disease.

For example, I have the genes associated with Alzheimer's disease, but I would rather know this so that I can be proactive in preventing this condition through diet and lifestyle changes.

SelfDecode Genetic Reports Cost

There are a couple of options if you would like to purchase the SelfDecode genetic reports, along with their DNA kit.

SelfDecode DNA Wellness Reports

If you have already done a genetic test and just want the health reports, this is the option for you.




  • All of the 30+ SelfDecode DNA Wellness Reports

If you want to dive a lot deeper into your results, read all of the research, and get access to the SelfDecode personalized genetics blog you may want to consider a lifetime access account. This is $90 for the gene test, plus $297 for lifetime access to SelfDecode, including all of the future reports and access to the latest DNA science.

Your SelfDecode account will also include access to the lab test analyzer tool, enabling you to upload your personal lab results for analysis.

For most people all of this additional information is not necessary, but if you like to take a deep dive into the science then having a lifetime SelfDecode account is good value.

Next Steps

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    If you have already done a DNA test and would like to access all of the SelfDecode Gene reports they can be ordered HERE.
  2. 2
    Once you have ordered you will need to send us your raw data to upload to SelfDecode.
  3. 3
    If you are yet to do a genetic test then we can organize a SelfDecode test, you can contact us with your full name and email address and we can set up a referral for you to get the test.

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Michael is head consultant at Planet Naturopath - Functional Medicine and Nutrition Solutions. He is a registered naturopath with the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA) and works with clients from all over the world via video or phone consultations. He is a degree qualified naturopath from the Endeavour College of Natural Medicine in Australia with 18 years of experience. He uses advanced testing methods, nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, and lifestyle advice to help you stay healthy. He is a Kalish Method-trained practitioner that keeps updating his education with Chris Kresser. Michael completed Dr. Terry Wahls practitioner training program, a 12-month program with ongoing training that helps understand the underlying cause and treatment of MS and autoimmune conditions. He keeps up to date with the latest research into health and natural medicine through the Metabolic Fitness Pro course with Dr. Bryan Walsh.

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