Multiple Autoimmune Reactivity Screen (Cyrex Array 5 Test): Is It For You?

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While it's true that prevention is better than cure, it's not always that people get the chance to prevent a disease from happening. This is particularly true for people genetically predisposed to developing certain health conditions. In most cases, people only learn about their condition when signs and symptoms appear and their daily lives get affected.

In such cases, early detection matters.

By detecting the presence or risks of autoimmune diseases, you’ll be able to make adjustments to your lifestyle and focus on the triggers of autoimmune conditions. Also for people with one autoimmune condition there risk of developing another autoimmune condition increases.

Early intervention is important and this is where the Cyrex Array 5 test can help you.

About Autoimmune Diseases

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Your body has a natural defense system that fights foreign cells and microorganisms. Exposure to them triggers your body to create antibodies. You can think of them as soldiers protecting their territory.

When you have an autoimmune disease, your body finds it hard to differentiate healthy and normal cells from foreign ones. As a result, your body targets healthy cells and this creates a variety of health issues. 

There are different causes of autoimmunity and it's not a well-understood condition. However, many experts think that most cases occur due to the presence of an environmental trigger combined with a genetic predisposition. Examples of triggers include prolonged toxic chemical exposure, food antigens, bacteria and viral illnesses. Hormones may also play a role since a lot of autoimmune conditions occur in women of childbearing age.

Since the effects of autoimmune disease can be devastating and cause life long chronic health problems, early detection matters. This is where the Cyrex Array 5 Test becomes extremely important.

What Is Cyrex Array 5 Test?

Cyrex Array 5 Test is different from most tests that assess the immune system. For one, it determines possible tissue damage to multiple organ systems of the body.. Second, it detects the level of autoantibodies in your system.

These antibodies are called Predictive Antibodies. They are great indicators of autoimmune issues since elevated levels appear even before an autoimmune disease's clinical onset. In fact, they are measurable up to 10 years before you even feel the symptoms.

With autoimmune diseases, early identification is important. This allows early intervention which can halt or even reverse the progression of the disease. 

Now, Cyrex Array 5 Test doesn't just look at one autoimmune condition. In fact, it assesses the presence of damage to multiple tissues which are commonly affected by auto-antibodies. The list includes neurological, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and endocrine tissues. It can even look into the tissues in your joints.

The test can detect over 100 different autoimmune issues. Below are some of them:

list of some autoimmune disease that can be detected with cyrex array 5 test

Who Is It For?

Cyrex Array 5 Test is highly recommended for people dealing with unexplained symptoms and those who already know they have an existing autoimmune condition. You can also take it if you just want to stay healthy and be proactive about your health.

People who have genetic predispositions to diseases should also consider taking it. If you know you have a family history of autoimmune diseases, consider ordering your kit now and start learning more about your risks.

Additionally, the test is also good for people who have increased intestinal permeability for a long time. It's a typical driver in a lot of autoimmune disorders.

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Multiple Autoimmune Reactivity Screen (Cyrex Array 5 Test): Is It For You? 1

How Does It Work?

After placing your order, your test kit should arrive in 3-4 working days. It comes with blood collection tubes as well as return packaging.

A phlebotomist will collect the sample which requires 2ml serum. Cyrex Lab will find one to do your blood draw at a local pathology lab. However, if you choose to have a phlebotomist do the collection in your home, you'll be required to pay extra fees.

***Contact us if you are outside the U.S as the collection process is different in other countries. Also if you are outside the U.S you will be responsible for your organizing a phlebotomist.

After the sample is taken, it needs to be sent on the same day. Usually, you'll get the results in 12 to 14 working days. 

To get a better understanding of your results, you can book a schedule a consultation, I can explain the results and how to implement a treatment plan. Doing so will get you a clearer idea of the next steps to take for your health.

Below are some of the biomarkers the test checks for:

  • Asialoganglioside GM1 IgG
  • Anti-TPO
  • Anti-TG
  • Osteocyte IgG + IgA
  • Cerebellar IgG + IgA
  • Platelet Glycoprotein
  • Phospholipid IgG+
  • Insulin + Islet Cell Antigen
  • Parietal Cell + ATPase
  • Collagen Complex IgG + IgA
  • Fibulin IgG + IgA
  • Anti-Myelin Basic Protein
  • Synapsin IgG + IgA
  • Intrinsic Factor Antibodies

Prepping For Cyrex Array 5 Test

Cyrex Array 5 Test is affordable but it's not cheap. This makes it important for you to prepare properly so you don't end up wasting money. Plus, it helps ensure accurate results.

Before getting tested, it's a good idea to avoid immunosuppressant drugs like those medications containing steroids. You're bound to get false negatives if you get tested while taking them.

Now, this doesn't mean that you can go off them right away. It's best to first talk to your healthcare provider before stopping. And if you can't stop taking your medications, it's best to wait a couple of months before getting tested when you are in a position to be able to stop.

In case you get positive results from most of your Array 5 tests, it doesn't mean that you have a full blown autoimmune disease and more testing maybe needed to assess your severity. For example if you test positive for the thyroid antibodies then it is important to do further thyroid testing to assess TSH, T4 and T3


The Cyrex Array 5 can be done as a standalone test or it works well in combination with other Cyrex tests like the Array 2 for intestinal permeability, Array 3 for Wheat and gluten sensitivity and the Array 4 for gluten cross reactive foods.

It is important to schedule a consultation to discuss your results, , the treatment for each person maybe different based on lab results and their current signs and symptoms.

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