How Different Sleeping Positions Affect Your Body and Overall Health

How Different Sleeping Positions Affect Your Body and Overall Health 2

We’ve all woken up on one day or another with a sore neck or back aches because we slept wrong, and it’s no secret how sleep has the power to make or break our days. 

But did you know that the way we sleep has a way bigger impact on our lives and overall health than the obvious? 

Our sleeping positions affect our breathing patterns, digestive health, mental health, mobility, and more. 

If you’re not sleeping right, you’ll have more chances of dying early, developing heart conditions, and many other complications. 

If you want to know more about all the different sleeping positions, keep reading.

Side Sleeping and Breathing Issues

side sleeping positions

If you have issues with sleep apnea or any air passage blockages, your best option is to sleep on your side. Apart from being one of the most popular sleep positions out there, it’s also one of the most comfortable and beneficial.

Some of the best mattresses for side sleepers' specific needs cater to their need for spine alignment and support while providing comfort at the same time. 

If you’re unwilling to change your sleep position, you can also work on regulating your breathing through things like Buteyko breathing

This method involves breathing in and out through your nose and certain types of deep breathing.  This can help you improve your breathing patterns and sleep quality.

Originally, the Buteyko method was developed to reverse asthma and it works very well. These days, it can also help with improving sleep apnea and overall sleep quality.

Sleeping on Your Back

While sleeping on your back may be the best option for your spine, experts don’t recommend it if you have sleep apnea, breathing issues, or any snoring problems.

Stomach Sleeping 

Stomach sleeping positions

Stomach sleeping is the worst in terms of spine alignment. When your back isn't properly aligned and bent at weird angles for hours, it puts you at risk of back aches and lower back pain later in life.

This poor posture can even leave you immobilized during the later phases of your life. Generally, they aren’t fun for anyone. 

Sleep and Old Age 

The older you get, the more your sleep habits change. Old people need more sleep and are more likely to take longer to fall asleep. In addition, they’re more likely to wake up in the middle of the night because of chronic pains or any other health conditions. 

Enough sleep is vital for your bodily functions. It helps in repairing your body and make sue sure that it's able to recover from a whole day of physical exertion. 

Sleep and Exercise 

People who sleep regularly and soundly are able to maintain better workout patterns. They are more likely to stay consistent with their fitness goals too.

If you want to stay fit and healthy, you need to get enough rest. That way, your body can cope with the strain you’ll put on it every day. 

Working out, in turn, encourages your body to feel tired and ready for bed. This results in deep, peaceful sleep.

Which Sleep Positions Are Best For You?

sleeping positions

When it comes to spine alignment and breathing issues, sleeping on your side has the most benefits.

Sleeping on your stomach has been shown to be a good option for anyone with digestive issues. It's good for sleep apnea to some extent, but the cons outweigh the pros with this one.

If you want to sleep on your back, your spine will thank you for it. There is a trade off with the sleeping positions that you choose, sleeping on your back can affect breathing but if spine health is a priority due to injury this maybe the best short term option.

Avoid putting too much stress on any part of your body while you sleep. Always make sure that the mattress you’re using is comfortable and right for you. 

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