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What is the best type of Probiotic?

What are Probiotics?What is the best probiotic? Well that depends on the reason you are taking a probiotic in the first place as there are many different types, which treat many different health conditions, there is not a one size fits all. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria found in fermented foods such as yogurt, sauerkraut, kim chi, […]

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Testing Adrenal Fatigue … And How To Fix It!

If your tired, stressed, having immune or weight issues or a number of the other symptoms associated with adrenal fatigue it is time to take some action to regain your health. If your not sure if you have adrenal fatigue your should check out this article on Adrenal Fatigue.  Its important that before you treat Adrenal […]

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Managing Migraines with Diet

Are you wanting to find out how you can be managing migraines with diet? Migraines affect 15%-20% of men and 25%-30% of women due to excessive dilation of the blood vessels in the head, and when they do strike they can be quite debilitating. In addition to this, this vasodilation causes the nerves that are […]

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Simple Steps to Detoxification

Why Detox?   If your body is your temple, then there are many people living in rather decrepit relics that could be featured on a renovation show or sold with the tag line ‘some TLC required’. Detoxification is such an important consideration for everyone, from those that tend to overindulge or are overweight, to those […]

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Metformin and Vitamin B12 Deficiency

There is a connection between diabetes medication Metformin and Vitamin B12 deficiency, this article talks about the best steps for you to take to address this. How to identify and resolve B12 deficiency How to improve blood sugar levels so maybe you don’t need diabetes medication (never stop medication without your doctor’s approval). Evidence suggests […]

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Healthy Mind Healthy Body (5 Simple Tips)

Healthy Mind Healthy Body – you can’t have one without the other. If you spend all of your time working on your mental health but neglect your physical health you will not be able to achieve optimal mental health. If you focus only on physical health and neglect mental health, you will find there is […]

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Top 10 facts about Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency is common While the message to cover up and avoid excess sun has helped reduce the incidence of skin cancer, it has caused an issue with widespread vitamin D deficiency. Even if you regularly get enough sun there are certain genes that may affect your ability to absorb vitamin D from the […]

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Zinc Deficiency – The most important trace mineral

Why we need Zinc Zinc deficiency is quite common with modern diets, and zinc is arguably the most important trace mineral. To date, researchers have found more than 200 enzyme reactions that are zinc dependant, in all the major biochemical pathways in the human body. That’s more than any other mineral dependant enzymes in the […]

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Top 10 ways to eliminate gout forever

Identify The Cause of Gout Identifying the cause of gout is the first step to addressing the underlying cause so you can eliminate gout. For some people, this is going to be genetics but just because your dad had gout it does not mean that you have to as well, it could be that you […]

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