Low Testosterone

Low Testosterone and EMF’s …. is there a connection?

Low Testosterone and EMF’s …. is there a connection?

Low testosterone levels in men can have many different reasons, there is not usually just one cause.

Over the last 30 years, testosterone levels have been dropping at the same time as EMF levels in the environment have been rising, what is the connection between low testosterone and EMF's?

This article looks at the connection between testosterone and EMF's and what can be done about it.

....and don't worry you don't have to ditch your smartphone and move to a mountaintop (there's probably a wifi tower anyway)

Men's Health has officially entered crisis mode...

The numbers don't lie:

  • Sperm quality has plunged over 60% in the last 50 years;
  • Since WWII, the incidence of testicular cancer has quadrupled;
  • In the 30 years since we’ve been using cell phones, testosterone levels have been halved;
  • As many as 52% of men (and increasingly younger men) have trouble getting or maintaining an erection.

Unhealthy modern lifestyle habits and environmental toxins play a role, however something else is at play here, and for far too long without our awareness.

Men's health is running head-on with a two-headed monster:

  • 1
    The rise and increasing use of consumer electronics, and
  • 2
    Development of wireless technologies like Wi-Fi routers, cell phone towers, and soon space satellites which would enable connection virtually anywhere on Earth.

Electronic devices use energy waves, or electromagnetic radiation, to send/receive data wirelessly to/from other devices and to/from the cloud. Device antennas encode these bits of information (data) onto light waves at the microwave level identical to the microwaves used to rapidly cook food (just at a much lower power).

Men, manmade electromagnetic radiation is real...

Nearly 100 published studies dating back to 1971, including by the Naval Medical Research Institute, show the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation on the male testes, including damage to testicular function, abnormal hormonal function, DNA breakages on sperm, and even cell death.

To put the seriousness of the issue in perspective, a study conducted in 2005 and replicated multiple times showed extremely low frequency (50Hz) radiation like that emitted by power lines caused major damage to the inner structures of testicles in rats:

In the experimental rats, boundary tissue was found disrupted at various layers.  That tissue showed infoldings, which were perhaps due to the loss of collagen and reticular fibrils from the inner and outer non-cellular layers.

The outer non-cellular layer, which was thinner than that of the control, was stripped away from the myoid cell layer in multiple regions, giving a "blister-like" appearance.  The myoid cells showed fewer polyribosomes, pinocytotic vesicles and glycogen granules.

Most mitochondria were found to lack cristae.  The connections between individual myoid cells were apparently lost.  There were signs of recovery in the boundary tissue following withdrawal from EMF exposure. 

Noteworthy:  These results suggest that EMF exposure may cause profound changes in the boundary tissue of the seminiferous tubules.  Therefore exposure to EMF may result in pathological changes that lead to subfertility and infertility.

Let's start digesting what this means, and the fact that 50Hz (50 wave cycles/second) electromagnetic radiation is many times weaker than a 4G cell phone at 1.8Ghz (1.8 million wave cycles/second).

Do you want to dig deeper?

Check out the book "A non-tinfoil guide to EMF's: How to fix our stupid use of technology"

What does this mean?

For fertility, electromagnetic radiation can be the difference between bearing a child with increased risk for cancer, or even bearing it at all!

Dr. Ashok Aggarwal, Director of Research at the American Center for Reproductive Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic and the #1 ranked author in male fertility, has conducted extensive research on this issue over the last 10 years and his studies have clearly shown that electromagnetic radiation from phones is strongly associated with societal decreases in sperm count, motility, viability and normal sperm morphology.

Testosterone and EMF's

It's not just fertility under siege, though:

The invisible, unscented microwave electro-energy in the modern environment is wreaking havoc on our ability to produce normal levels of testosterone as well, affecting libido, muscle mass, and energy.

Noteworthy:  PWe have literally become half the men our grandfathers were.

A study conducted in 2005 in Turkey showed that electromagnetic radiation like that emitted by cell phones caused significant damage to testicular tissues, harming testosterone production.

And another study in 2015 at the Bioelectromagnetic Laboratory in New Delhi also found that testosterone levels were significantly decreased in male Albino Wistar rats when exposed to electromagnetic radiation like that emitted by WiFi routers.

Many other studies show similar results.

How is this happening?

The scrotum is filled with fluids, conductive fluids, and hold the highest dielectric constant in the body. Because scrotal skin has no surface fat to resist electromagnetic radiation, the sensitive tissues and cells of the testicles are especially vulnerable. Plus, sweaty balls exacerbate absorption!

EMF protection boxers

Martin Pall's breakthrough on the voltage gated calcium channel in 2013 informs us that electromagnetic radiation absorbed by the scrotum causes abnormal calcium levels and oxidative stress in testicular cells. The radiation damages cell membranes, and changes the amount of calcium used in intracellular communication.

Over time the tissues and structures become damaged, resulting in reduced reproductive function including lower testosterone and impaired sperm - increasing birth defects and even the development of autism.

It’s not just cell phones cooking our balls!

Consider, it’s not just when phones are carried in pockets that we expose the testes to electromagnetic radiation - it’s also from:

  • Tablet, laptop, and PC use
  • Cell phone use while texting or using apps
  • Connected wearables like watches and rings
  • While driving from dashboards, and
  • Video game remote controllers.

While studies show electromagnetic radiation emitted by devices using 4G and prior generation wireless technologies causing harm, very little to no research has been done on the impact of next-generation wireless technology networks.

To keep up with consumer demand for more information at faster download speeds, telecommunications companies are rolling out new fifth generation (5G) wireless technologies - increasing our exposures to electromagnetic radiation many times the current levels.

Cell phones are also contributing factor to the growing Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Epidemic

Although cell phones haven’t been around long enough to fully understand their impact on ED, many studies have already linked cell phones to ED.

A study published in the Central European Journal of Urology by medical researchers in Egypt and Austria found men with ED carried their cell phones in their pockets for almost three more hours per day than men without ED.

In another study, scientists found that men with ED were 2.6 times more likely to keep their cell phones in their front pockets.

Testosterone and EMF's - So what can we do about it?

The first step is to remove your phone from your pocket, and then monitor how you use other electronics that may be used near your testes. Distance is your friend.

Another simple and effective solution is to wear Faraday’s boxer briefs. These boxer briefs include a sweat absorbing silver fabric shield in the pouch which blocks electromagnetic radiation, and can reverse previous damage and also boost health. The outer bamboo fabric is also silky soft and breathable.

Faraday boxers for emf protection

Faraday's can be trialed free in Set & Forget where you can access this premium product at wholesale prices. After the trial, Faraday's sends you five more pairs, and then three more every six months, so you won't need to shop for underwear again. Faraday's also incentivizes you to recycle used clothing and electronics with discounts.

The crown jewels are important; not just for you, but for humanity too. Start protecting yourself; your wife, partner, and future kids will thank you.


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