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Benefits of Fiber (who should eat fiber and who should avoid fiber)

When you read the standard dietary advice, it says to eat 25 to 40 grams of fiber a day for good health. Indeed, taking fiber has a lot of health benefits. BUT does fiber work for everyone? The fiber recommendation is based on the high fiber intake of many indigenous cultures and the great digestive health […]

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Pros and cons of the viome test

Viome Review (Pros and Cons)

In this Viome review we discuss the pros and cons of stool testing, and how Viome compares to other tests. Nowadays, with so many supplements and diets to choose from it is sometimes confusing to understand what is the best option for you! …. and tests like Viome can help you identify your optimal diet. With the growing […]

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Improve Your Gut Bacteria to Improve Your Hormones

Do you know a lot of your health issues can be connected to your gut bacteria and hormone health? Why do you feel tired, annoyed, sleepy, unproductive or simply unhappy? This isn’t because of a hard working day or rainy weather. Most likely you have a hormone imbalance and there is a good chance that […]

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Parasites and Natural Treatments (plus how to test)

A parasite infection never brings up a pleasant image – but for many people with digestive issues this is often the cause. Bacteria, virus and fungal infections can all cause digestive problems but just the name “parasite” seems to have more of an “eek” factor. I see people who have had chronic digestion problems like constipation, diarrhea, […]

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Testing For Leaky Gut (and the cause of leaky gut)

Testing For Leaky Gut“Do I have leaky gut?” and “what testing for leaky gut should I do?” are common questions that I get asked, and this is because there is so much information and research online linking leaky gut to a wide range of health problems. I will go into a lot more detail about these […]

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best probiotic supplement

What Is The Best Probiotic Supplement (for different health conditions)

What are Probiotics“What is the best probiotic supplement” and “Should I always take a probiotic for good health” are some of the common questions that I get asked, and along with nearly everything relating to your health the answer is going to be different for each person. Before we look more closely at what are the […]

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The Low FODMAP Diet-3

Low FODMAP Diet Benefits and Risks

How Diet Can Affect Your Digestive Health Do you suffer from gastrointestinal issues? Are you constantly looking for a new way to help ease you through your worst symptoms? If this sounds like you then maybe the low FODMAP diet is something that you need to try. If you are like many people who suffer […]

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SIBO Summit

SIBO Summit – Find Out How To Eliminate SIBO

What is SIBO SIBO is a condition that a lot of people still have not heard about despite a lot of research going on into this condition, and the SIBO Summit aims to change that with over 40 speakers talking about all aspects of SIBO. SIBO stands for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth and is the […]

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Digestion symptoms

Do You Need Digestive Enzymes?

If you look up treatments for digestive problems you will often find that digestive enzymes are one of the top 2 or 3 recommendations to help you treat your digestive issues. But do we really need them, doesn’t our body make enough digestive enzymes by itself? Like with most questions relating to health there is no one […]

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