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low testosterone symptoms

How Do You Know If You Have Low Testosterone?

Low testosterone – a problem that each and every man would like to prevent at any cost. But the truth is that no man is safe.Testosterone deficiency is like a silent epidemic, so how do you know if you have low testosterone?Every single day thousands of men of different ages encounter a decrease in testosterone. […]

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Gut bacteria and your hormones

How Gut Bacteria Affects Your Hormones (2 tests to identify the cause)

We have all heard that a healthy gut is a secret to good health. One of the reasons that gut health is so important is because of how gut bacteria affect your hormones. Gut bacteria and your hormones are closely connected, an imbalance in your gut bacteria, known as the microbiome can affect your sex hormones, adrenal […]

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Causes and Treatments of High Estrogen in Men

A lot of people associate estrogen as being a “female” hormone and testosterone as being a “male” hormone, but high estrogen in men is increasing.The key to all hormones is having them in the right balance, and high estrogen in men can lead to a wide range of unwanted symptoms from weight gain to mood […]

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The Causes Of High Estrogen – and how to fix it

Quick Navigation What Causes High Estrogen3 Main Causes of High EstrogenSigns and Symptoms of High EstrogenSymptoms of High Estrogen LevelsTesting Your Estrogen Levels3 Types of Estrogen TestingBlood TestingSaliva TestingUrine TestingWhat is Causing your High Estrogen LevelsHow Diet Causes High EstrogenFoods That Cause High EstrogenFoods That Will Lower High EstrogenHow Poor Detoxification Causes High EstrogenConnection Between […]

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DUTCH complete Hormone Test

DUTCH Hormone Test – Identify the Cause of Hormone Imbalance

Hormone Replacement Therapy DUTCH Hormone Test and Cortisol Do you have low energy, brain fog, or feel that you may have adrenal fatigue? Or in contrast, perhaps you have gained some weight, have a suppressed immune system, or just, in general, do not feel well – this article will help you to identify the cause […]

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High Beta-Glucuronidase and How it Affects Estrogen and Detoxification

Quick Navigation Why Test Beta-Glucuronidase?Beta-Glucuronidase and DetoxificationWhat Is Beta-Glucuronidase and How Does It Impact Your Health?What Puts You At Risk and How Can It Be Detected?What Other Problems Can Elevate Beta-Gluronidase Levels Cause?Foods and Supplements That Can Help Why Test Beta-Glucuronidase?Does it feel like something is just off? Do you feel like your hormones are […]

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PCOS is often undiagnosed

Do You Have PCOS? Understand The Cause And Treatment

What is PCOS Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome commonly known as PCOS affects 10-20% of women, and many women have not been diagnosed, not realizing that the symptoms they are experiencing are caused by PCOS. PCOS is NOT an ovarian problem as the name suggests, but a hormonal problem caused by insulin resistance, high testosterone and […]

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DUTCH Testing Australia

DUTCH Hormone Testing in Australia (how to order)

Have you heard about the DUTCH hormone test on podcasts and were wondering how you can do the DUTCH hormone testing in Australia?At Planet Naturopath we can send you a DUTCH test kit so you can take a deep dive into both your adrenal and sex hormones, plus the new organic acid markers that have […]

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Anti-aging, balance your hormones

Balancing Your Hormones! Can it slow down the ageing process?

This is an article that I wrote for the online health magazine A great magazine that you can download from the app store or from google play, check it out and you can get your first copy for free.How Balancing your Hormones can Slow Down the Ageing ProcessAgeing is inevitable there is not disputing that, […]

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