With The Most Convenient And Accurate SIBO Test Available Without The Need To See A Doctor

The Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth Test (SIBO) is the easy, safe, and private way to get a more complete review of your digestive health when conventional medicine has simply labelled you with IBS...

  • Without spending your time researching which doctors offer the testing you want.
  • Without enduring the long waits and multiple trips to your doctor just to be given a prescription, or be told “you have to put up with the symptoms” and sent home …
  • With the SIBO Test, all it takes is an easy to do home breath test to identify if you have an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine causing your symptoms
  • Then your results, your private one-on-one consultation with Planet Naturopath’s Head Practitioner, and your customized plan in a pdf report can all done remotely from anywhere in the world.

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Please Note: Services in the US cannot be shipped to these states NY and RI. Please call us on 206 886 0633 to discuss alternative solutions and options available.

Our in-depth SIBO Test analysis can help you discover

The exact “type” of SIBO you have, whether you have high levels of methane or hydrogen producing bacteria

Potential health risks associated with an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine

The best treatment plan for you to improve your digestive health naturally with specific supplements, diet, nutrition, and exercise

Exactly what your test results mean through both a detailed PDF report and 30-minute private one-on-one consultation

Follow up support to ensure you're successful in reaching your health goals

SIBO Test Only

If you just want to order the SIBO lactulose  test this is the option for you.


  • Identify the cause of your IBS symptoms
  • Assess the levels of hydrogen producing bacteria
  • Assess the levels of methane producing bacteria
  • Bonus  SIBO diet included
Consultation Only

If you have already done the  SIBO test or similar test and just need some guidance to understand the results and help you with a treatment plan


  • One Hour Consultation 
  • Written Report
  • Treatment Plan 
  • SIBO Diet Plan

Who The SIBO Test Is For

The Small intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth Test (SIBO) can help provide a more complete and accurate picture of digestive health for anyone:

  • Who is experiencing IBS symptoms
  • Experiencing digestive issues like constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas and reflux
  • Diagnosed with an autoimmune condition or other chronic health condition as SIBO can be a trigger for symptoms
  • Currently taking medications for reflux and indigestion
  • Experiencing anxiety or depression as SIBO can trigger symptoms
  • Wanting a healthy digestive system so they can optimize their health

How The SIBO Test Works and How It Can Benefit You

The SIBO breath test is a simple, noninvasive test that you do in the comfort of your home. After a 24 hours preparatory diet, you consume a small amount of lactulose. (this is different to lactose)

Lactulose is not absorbed and therefore acts as a food source for bacteria, if present, in the small intestine. The bacteria ferment the lactulose and produce hydrogen and/or methane gas. These gases are exhaled via the breath.

Breath samples are collected every 20 minutes for 3 hours, anyone who can blow into a tube can do the test, so the SIBO test is suitable for anyone from 5 to 105 years of age.
These samples are posted back to the pathology lab in the provided package and the results take about one week to be finalized.

Identifying which gases are present and in what concentration can help us to develop the best treatment plan for you to eliminate your digestion problems.

if your outside the U.S email for a quote

SIBO Test Order

Customer Testimonials

I went from experiencing bloating, reflux, fatigue and inability to lose weight at the start of April, and now in July I no longer experience bloating and reflux, I have energy throughout the day, and as a bonus I have lost 10kg's.
I wish I had done this 20 years ago

Michelle Innes

The first benefit was finally getting a diagnosis--that I had SIBO and severe hormone imbalances, and that Michael knew specifically how to treat these. The second benefit was the instant effect of the treatment program--within a week! I couldn't believe it. The chronic diarrhea stopped immediately and the associated anxiety reduced within the first month and stopped altogether within two months. Also, there was a significant reduction in hot flushes, improvement in my quality and length of sleep, as well as better energy levels--so much so that I am exercising again.

Marianna Minhinnick

Hi, my name is Michael Smith, ND BHSC and Head Practitioner at Planet Naturopath.

While I don’t know the exact reason you’re interested in doing the SIBO test, I do know you’re searching for answers.

Whether that means looking for natural solutions to chronic health problems, finding out the cause of your IBS or digestive issues.

If you want to find those answers, I can tell you the best way to start is with testing.

Doctors only offer basic digestion tests, if they test at all, which can miss many infections and don’t give an overall analysis of every aspect of your digestion.

Our SIBO Test, on the other hand, will give you an accurate analysis of whether you have an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine, this is the number one reason for I.B.S symptoms.

But what makes the SIBO Test from Planet Naturopath invaluable, is what happens after you get your results. With our 30 minute in-depth one on one consultation, I’ll explain what your results actually mean to you, your health, and your body.

This is the fun part for me, because as Head Practitioner I enjoy doing all the consultations with our clients. My passion is helping people find natural solutions to optimize their health.

I’ll give you the complete details how the consultations work and how they can benefit you, but let’s start with:

How to order the SIBO test

Here’s what to do


Click Below on the “ Order Now “ button to order your SIBO Test


Fill out the form with your:

  • Postal address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Date of birth

So the lab can priority ship your SIBO Test kit.


You will receive a confirmation email from Planet Naturopath that explains exactly what to do next.


Your SIBO Test Kit will arrive via priority mail within 2-4 days depending on your location.

The test kit will include:

  • Easy to follow Instructions on how to prepare for the test
  • Everything required to take your urine sample (only one sample is required)
  • Return shipping back to the lab

You will receive your results via email within 10-15 days of the lab receiving your sample. In that same email will be a link to schedule your online consultation with Planet Naturopath.

You can do your consultation by phone, or Skype, but we’d like to suggest our convenient video teleconferencing service that we use to do the majority of our consultations. It’s simple to use, free, and doesn’t require you to sign up or download anything.

After you schedule your online consultation, you’ll also fill out our short questionnaire regarding your health history and health concerns.

This allows me to analyze your most accurate and up-to-date health information and combine it with your SIBO Test results to give you the most in-depth personalized consultation possible.

During your 30-minute private one-on-one consultation, I’ll explain your results in an easy-to-understand language, and answer any questions you might have.

You’ll also receive diet, exercise and supplement advice, options and recommendations that you can immediately implement to start optimizing your digestion and overall health.

Your official results and customized PDF report with your step by step Optimal Health Plan will be emailed the next day.

Order your SIBO Test today to receive the most complete and accurate analysis of your digestive health without seeing a doctor

The SIBO Test Includes your SIBO Test Kit, your 30-minute private one-on-one consultation, your customized PDF report with detailed specific recommendations for diet, nutritional supplements, and exercise plan for $325.

The 30 minute consultation means you’ll get in-depth analysis from my 14 years as a Naturopath. And the experience from my 10 years as Head Practitioner of Planet Naturopath, where I’ve done hundreds of consultations with clients to help them find natural solutions to their health issues.

You also get the knowledge and expertise I’ve acquired over the years, learning from pioneers in the field of Functional and Integrative Medicine, like genetic expert Dr. Ben Lynch. As well as my continuing education and ongoing studies and certifications with specialists like Dr. Daniel Kalish and Chris Kresser.

The core principle that I’ve adapted from my studies for Planet Naturopath is to focus on functional pathology testing to discover the underlying cause of someone’s health issues. And to use a systematic approach that treats each person’s whole body and not just focus on their symptoms like conventional medicine.

Planet Naturopath’s treatment philosophy is proactive prevention. And uses a “real” food approach to diet, stress reduction, improving sleep quality, and improving lifestyle choices so people can take control of their health naturally and not rely on unnecessary medications.

To get a snapshot of the in-depth analysis our consultations provide, take a look at this short preview video below.

SIBO Test Example

I take you through a quick tour of the SIBO Test results. You’ll not only see how the test works, but the type of information you can learn from your results.

Your digestion is the key to good health how well you are absorbing nutrients, and how well you are eliminating toxins affects all aspects of your health. Your digestive health can be compromised by bacterial, parasite and yeast infections, as well as inflammation and issues with absorption.

That’s why the SIBO Test is so important

It makes sense to start with identifying the underlying problem to your digestive and health problems? The information that you learn from this test will help me to help you get your digestion and health back on track

Order your SIBO Test kit with private one-on-one consultation, and customized pdf treatment plan today for $325

Let me analyze your results, give you a breakdown of what your ranges mean - whether they’re elevated, normal, or low. And answer any questions you might have - plus give you options and recommendations on how you can optimize your heart health.

At Planet Naturopath, we want you to feel safe, confident, and secure when you purchase any of our tests, knowing that you’re protected by our:

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with the service we provide at Planet Naturopath – let us know within 30 days and you’ll receive a full refund. No questions asked.

Now obviously, we can’t guarantee that your results will be good - that’s kinda the whole reason you’re here right? To see where you’re at and what natural solutions are available to improve your health…

But we will guarantee you’ll get the best service and most professional and personalized advice available to help optimize your health with natural solutions.

We understand how frustrating it can be when you don’t feel right - but yet you’re told by a doctor there’s nothing wrong.

A Planet Naturopath we believe your health is the key to a long and happy life. And want to be there to help when you don’t get the answers you want through conventional medicine.

Yours in good health.

Michael Smith

Head Pract. Planet Naturopath.

P.S. Still not sure if the SIBO Test is the right test for you? Don’t worry, Planet Naturopath has got you covered.  

Schedule our Investigation Consultation,  a deep dive into your health history, symptoms, and concerns. We’ll help assess your situation and provide you with expert advice and options on your best course of action and which test is right for you.

If you’re unsure of exactly where to begin, this eliminates the guesswork and gives you a great start to better health.

Please Note: Services in the US cannot be shipped to these states NY and RI. Please call us on 206 886 0633 to discuss alternative solutions and options available.

Frequently Asked Questions About SIBO Test

What are the symptoms of SIBO?

There are many different symptoms of SIBO and you don’t need to have them all, the most common symptoms are bloating, diarrhea or constipation, abdominal pain, and nausea. However other symptoms like anxiety, headaches, fatigue, and nutritional deficiencies can also occur.

How to test for SIBO in Australia?

The number one test for SIBO is the lactulose or glucose breath test, this is a test that can be done at home, and the samples sent back to the lab for analysis. A high reading of methane or hydrogen gas in the results indicates small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Other tests to consider are the GI Map stool test which can assess other digestive problems.

How do doctors test for SIBO?

Doctors test for SIBO with the glucose or lactulose breath test, however a lot of doctors are not familiar with the latest research on SIBO and will often not do any testing at all and simply label your digestion problem as IBS.

What foods should be avoided with SIBO?

If you have SIBO a low FODMAP diet or a SIBO bi-phasic diet are usually part of the treatment plan along with herbs and nutrients to kill the bacteria overgrowth. The low FODMAP diet is a short-term diet that is low in fermentable carbohydrates which help to feed the bacteria.

What happens if SIBO is left untreated?

If SIBO is left untreated it does not usually go away on its own, you will continue to experience symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and this can lead to nutritional deficiencies and contribute to other health issues.

What is the root cause of SIBO?

There can be a number of root causes of SIBO, some of the most common causes are food poisoning, antibiotics, chronic stress, and constipation. Doing a SIBO test along with a stool test to assess your digestive health will help to identify the underlying cause for you.