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tinychanges = big changes

Tiny Changes That Can Help You Make Big Changes to Your Health

It’s the New Year again, this is a time when we focus on how we can make this year better, this article will focus on how to make long lasting changes. The secret is to focus on tiny changes rather than trying to change everything. Have you ever decided to finally stick to a health […]

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The benefits of the Wim Hof course

Wim Hofs New Course – Fundamentals

If you listen to podcasts by people like Tim Ferris, Joe Rogan or Dr Rhonda Patrick the chances are you have heard of Wim Hof. Or if you have seen the research regarding cold therapy to help autoimmune conditions, M.S, mood disorders and other chronic health problems driven by inflammation you may also have heard of […]

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Kelly Brogan Clear Mind

Anxiety And Brain Fog – Clear Mind Program

Brain fog and fatigue are two of the most common symptoms that are listed on my pre-consultation assessment form, but what would your doctor say if you presented to them with “brain fog”? You would probably get a blank stare as brain fog is not considered a medical condition, yet plenty of people experience the […]

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Healthy gift ideas

Top 10 tips for surviving the Christmas silly season!

Surviving and Enjoying Christmas Christmas is a joyful time, a time of anticipation and excitement for the season that follows and it is now less than a month to Christmas and all the celebrations that go with it. However, before you gleefully RSVP to all those festive invitations you need a plan to protect and […]

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