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Pathology Testing

Pathology tests

When you go to your doctor for a health “check-up” they are only doing very basic blood tests, but they do not give you a full understanding of what is really happening with your health.

Doctors are also looking to see if you fall within the reference range, which is often far from optimal health, especially when it comes to the nutritional markers.

If you have been told by your doctor that everything is “fine” with your blood tests, but you don’t feel fine, at Planet Naturopath we can help you with specialised testing to get to the cause of your health problems.

If you’re an athlete or a biohacker and want to optimise your health, we can help you with testing of almost any biomarker.

Pathology Tests To Choose From

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Inflammatory Markers

Vitamins and Minerals


Special Tests

Thyroid Health

Sex Hormones

Diabetes Risk

Liver Function

Kidney Function

Get Started Today

To get started with the Pathology Testing, please choose a 15 consultation time that best suits you.

This initial quick conversation is to get clear on your goals for the test, and to ensure it’s the best test for your needs.

PLEASE NOTE: We credit the $50 for this initial consultation against the charge for the full test, effectively making pre-test conversation FREE.


If this test does not do as described, you get your money back!