Congratulations on taking the next step to optimising your health!

This is an advanced pathology test that is going to give us a lot more information about your health compared to the standard pathology tests.

Once you have done your blood test it will take about 10 days for the results to be ready and then we can schedule a time to review your results and help with an action plan to improve your health.

Preparing For Your Blood Test

The Day Before Your Test
  • Avoid alcohol to prevent dehydration and changes to liver enzymes
  • Avoid a late night if possible
  • Avoid high-intensity exercise sessions or long endurance events as this will affect electrolytes
  • Aim to finish eating 12 hours before you plan to do the blood test
  • Ensure that you are hydrated
The Day Of The Blood Test
  • Avoid all food and drinks before the blood test (except water), this includes coffee and tea
  • While it is important to do the test fasted you can drink water, and I highly recommend drinking around 500ml of water on the morning of the blood test to ensure your hydrated.
  • Dehydration can affect the test results and give strange readings for the electrolytes and kidney function
  • Take a snack with you so you can have something to eat after the blood test

You will receive the test kit in the mail and this will also include detailed instructions.

Genetic Testing - if you have ordered the genetic test allow a few weeks for your test kit to be shipped to you, this requires a saliva sample and your kit is shipped back to SelfDecode for analysis. Once we have the results you will be sent the genetic reports and we will schedule a time to review your results.

If you have any questions contact michael -