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Michael Smith Planet Naturopath
Michael Smith Planet Naturopath

About Michael Smith

Hi, it's Michael here from Planet Naturopath. I originally come from Melbourne, where I had a career as a very busy chef. As I struggled with my own health problems during this time, I developed an interest in the effects of food and nutrition on health - this led me down the path of many years of study to improve my own health.

If you are someone who has been struggling with their health for a long time and not getting results with doctors and specialists, I can help you uncover the cause of your problems through specialized functional medicine testing.

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Here at Planet Naturopath, we specialize in consulting with people who have digestion and hormone imbalances, and the many conditions that are associated with with this. If you are wanting to optimize your health and performance our detailed testing will help you to address the underlying cause and take out the “guess work”

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DUTCH Hormone Test
GI Map Test
Organic Acids Test

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functional medicine testing
functional medicine testing

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