Wim Hofs New Course – Fundamentals

The benefits of the Wim Hof course

If you listen to podcasts by people like Tim Ferris, Joe Rogan or Dr Rhonda Patrick the chances are you have heard of Wim Hof.

Or if you have seen the research regarding cold therapy to help autoimmune conditions, M.S, mood disorders and other chronic health problems driven by inflammation you may also have heard of Wim Hof.

There are many universities now studying how the Wim Hof method works so well, from RMIT in Australia to Harvard in the U.S and several European universities.

If you have not heard of Wim Hof here is a brief introduction to this eccentric and very passionate character!

  • He holds 26 world records for feats of endurance and withstanding extreme cold and extreme heat
  • Wim Hof climbed Mt Everest past the "death zone" of 7,500 metres wearing only shorts
  • Ran a marathon in the polar circle wearing shorts and no shoes
  • Ran a marathon in the Namib dessert with extreme heat and no water (and no running training)
  • Holds the record for the longest ice bath of 1 hour and 52 minutes
  • Many professional athletes now use the Wim Hof method to improve both their physical and mental performance.
  • The Wim Hof method has helped many people with chronic health problems like Rheumatoid arthritis, Lyme disease, Fibromyalgia, depression and fatigue to make massive improvements to their health
  • Several times has climbed Mt Kilimanjaro with people who he has trained with his breathing method, many of these people had chronic health problems yet they did it in record time

While these feats sound impressive and you would be forgiven for thinking that Wim Hof is a freak of nature, it is actually the last two feats that I mentioned above which is the most impressive, and most inspiring ....

That is Wim Hof's method is teachable so that anyone can improve their physical and mental health with the Wim Hof Method.

Wim Hof has a brand new 10 week video course

I Hate The Cold!!

I hated the cold which is why I moved to a tropical beachside paradise, but in recent years I have been reading about the benefits of cold water therapy on the immune system, longevity and health in general.

This inspired me to take cold showers with limited success, even in the tropics I have found cold showers and even swimming in the winter months unbearable, and for a while I gave up on trying to master this "cold" therapy.

But Wim Hof and the increasing scientific validation of the method that he teaches, and the fact that his students were able to emulate the same physical, mental and immune boosting benefits prompted me to try the Wim Hof breathing method (in winter).

After a week of "Wim Hof Breathing" which left me feeling invigorated, and also surprised that I could suddenly hold my breath for 2 minutes after struggling to previously get to 30 seconds, I again tried the cold showers.

To my surprise it did not seem so difficult and it was not long before I could easily do 5 minute cold showers, I know it was the tropics but it still gets cold(ish) in winter.

That was two years ago and now I am truly living somewhere cold and I am still enjoying the cold showers, it is something that I look forward to and do not dread. The Wim Hof Method has become my new form of meditation that I do most days 🙂

Wim Hof's New Course

For several years now Wim Hof has had a basic 10 week course to teach you the breathing and cold therapy techniques, and thousands of people have gained benefit from his training.

Now Wim Hof has a new Fundamentals course, this teaches the different breathing techniques in more detail, with an emphasis on how you can incorporate the Wim Hof Method into your everyday life.

CLICK HERE to find out more about the new Wim Hof course

I have had early access to the course and so far have been impressed by the quality of the teaching, this course gives you the feel of being in a private teaching class with Wim Hof, but you still get Wim's zany sense of humour and love for life.

The Fundamentals Course

Each week the lessons are divided up into several sections, this includes

  1. A 60 minute video teaching the weeks lesson in a small class setting, this involves learning the breathing technique which evolves as the course progresses, plus instructions on yoga and exercise to help you get the most out of the breathing exercises.
  2. A 30 minute one on one guided breathing video and audio to guide you through the daily breathing exercises.
  3. This week also includes a 6 minute yoga routine, even if yoga is not for you it is made so simple that is easy to incorporate a few exercises into your day
  4. Plus a homework video, this guides you through a different exercise each week to teach you to master the breathing, and to begin to master the ability to withstand the cold. The cold therapy is slowly introduced week by week so it feels easy to implement.

The 10 Weeks

The new course is made up of 10 major themes -  Going Deep, Stress Control, Energy Management,  Inflammation, Endurance, Longevity, Under Pressure, Spirituality, Creativity and Life Adventure.

These themes were chosen carefully to help you get the most benefits from the advanced breathing and cold exposure techniques.

"They’re also meant to show you the diverse benefits that can be derived from this method. The more we teach it, the more hidden benefits we discovery. For example, we’ve helped so many older women around the world find more calmness and serenity. This method has also helped elderly people regain their vitality and energy."

This method is for everybody hoping to gain more peace, strength, and control over their energy and happiness, and each theme will help you get there. The Wim Hof Method is simply a tool, but this tool can open up doors for your life that you didn’t know existed.

It’s YOU who harnesses the power within. It’s YOU who has infinite potential physically, mentally, and spiritually. The Wim Hof Method is a vehicle that can take you wherever you choose to go, and these themes are meant to guide you to your own personal paradise.

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