A Healthy Way to Weight Loss

A Healthy Way to Weight Loss

If you are on a diet at the moment or tried many of the diet options that are out there you are not alone, at any one time 33% of people who are currently on a diet, or trying to lose weight. Obesity is becoming one of the fastest growing health problems that contribute to diabetes, heart disease, hormonal disturbances, digestive problems, cancer and many more chronic diseases.

As you may have seen from the ads on TV one of the best ways to check if you are carrying too much weight is to measure your waist as fat that accumulates around the waist contributes significantly to metabolic problems and the so called lifestyle diseases. Below 94 cm is ideal for men, between 94 and 102 puts you into the high risk category whilst waistlines above 102 are a metabolic syndrome indicator which increases your risk for high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. For women below 80cm is ideal while between 80 and 90cm puts you into a high risk category and above 90cm indicates metabolic syndrome.

Healthy, effective, long lasting weight loss is not about short term diets but demands a balanced, healthy lifestyle that incorporates good dietary eating habits and exercise. The good news is that by reducing your body weight by as little as 10% can reduce your chances of developing numerous diseases including diabetes, heart disease or suffering from a stroke. However, there is more to weight loss than diet and exercise as stress, digestion problems, low thyroid and a variety of medications can cause weight gain, making weight loss quite difficult but not impossible.

During a naturopathy and nutrition consultation I develop and individual program for people to help them reduce high cholesterol, high blood pressure and fluctuating energy levels; as well as those unwanted kilograms!

Benefits include:

  • Lose only fat and not lean muscle – this avoids rebound weight gain

  • Increased energy levels

  • No hunger pains

  • Reduces fluid retention

Naturopathy is now recognized by most private health insurance companies as an effective way of keeping their clients healthy and saving them money so they offer rebates on consultations. For further information on how you can best reduce your weight and improve your vitality and energy make an appointment with me by contacting  michael@planetnaturopath.com , appointments can be done in person if I am in your area or via Skype if you are living in other parts of the world

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