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Effective Detox Diets and Cleanses

Guide to Detoxing Your Body (effective detox diets and cleanses)

There are so many different detox programs and detox supplements out there, but do they work and are they necessary?This guide to detoxing will explain what it means to detox and who will benefit from a detox program.Plus I will explain why you don’t need to do any of the “fad” detox programs that are […]

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Soft Drinks cause health problems

The Benefits of Soft Drinks!

What are the benefits of Soft Drinks? The only benefit of soft drinks is that they can be a refreshing party drink or an occasional “treat” to drink but consumed regularly they can only have negative consequences on your health As these drinks are digested and absorbed into our bloodstream, they do damage little by […]

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Eggs and cholesterol

Do Eggs cause High Cholesterol

Most people now know that the cholesterol in foods does not cause high cholesterol and there are many factors involved in somebody having high cholesterol. Despite this people still shy away from eating too many eggs and if they do eat eggs some people still think that an egg white omelette is the way to go and […]

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A Healthy Way to Weight Loss

Obesity is becoming one of the fastest growing health problems that contribute to diabetes, heart disease, hormonal disturbances, digestive problems, cancer and many more chronic diseases.One of the best ways to check if you are carrying too much weight is to measure your waist. Below 94 cm is ideal for men, between 94 and 102 […]

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