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Top 10 ways to eliminate gout forever


Identify The Cause of Gout

Identifying the cause of gout is the first step to addressing the underlying cause so you can eliminate gout.

For some people, this is going to be genetics but just because your dad had gout it does not mean that you have to as well, it could be that you are both eating the same dietary triggers that cause gout.

The first step is to start with some comprehensive blood testing to rule out other potential causes, as well as other imbalances that can be contributing to gout.

I would also recommend testing gut function, as gut bacteria and parasites can also be a contributing factor to inflammation and gout.

Alkalize your diet by eliminating grains, processed foods, sugar, and increasing your levels of fresh vegetables, salads, and fruits.

Eliminate Gout Naturally

Using a natural treatment plan for gout may help you to avoid taking pain killers which can come with a wide range of side effects.

Allopurinol is a safer gout medication but it is usually prescribed long term and while the side effects will be less than pain killers like NSAIDs it can still have some side effects.

Natural gout treatments start with diet and lifestyle changes which I will list below, and while it may take some effort to improve your diet it can also help to prevent many chronic health issues.

Curcumin to eliminate gout

Diet To Eliminate Gout

1. Maintain a diet low in purines at all times. Purines are organic compounds that contribute to uric acid formation. Purine rich foods to reduce include anchovies, mackerel, shellfish, asparagus, red meat, mushrooms, mussels, sardines, peanuts, yeast (bread), and organ meats.

2. Consume plenty of water, fluid intake promotes the excretion of uric acid.

3. Alcohol both increases the production of uric acid and reduces uric acid elimination. Beer and wine also contain yeast.

4. Increase consumption of blueberries, cherries, and strawberries as they neutralize uric acid and have antioxidant properties. Black cherry juice is fantastic and I recommend this supplement from www.iherb.com!

5. Eggs, nuts, and seeds like almonds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, tofu, chicken are all good sources of protein and are alternatives to red meats, grass-fed meats in moderation should be ok

6. Cottage cheese, goats cheese, ricotta cheese, and natural yogurt are the best sources of dairy for you to be eating (as long as you tolerate dairy).

7. Use olive oil  or coconut oil in cooking and salads and avoid fried foods.

8. Avoid coffee and white tea as these are acidic. Good alternatives include green tea which is rich in antioxidants, also dandelion leaf and nettle tea which promote kidney function and improved excretion of uric acid.

9. There are some fantastic supplements that work well for reducing and preventing gout attacks and  combined with the the above diet and lifestyle tips for optimal results. Besides Black Cherry juice other options that can be helpful are celery seed, magnesium, potassium, curcumin and boswellia.

10. Do advanced stool testing like the Gut Zoomer and detailed pathology testing to identify your triggers for gout

While these tips will help you eliminate gout it is also important to address your health as a whole and not just treat symptoms .... other important factors to address are sleep, digestion, hormones and your mental outlook.

Supplements to Eliminate Gout

Black Cherry juice can be expensive, and cherry season is quite short so eating a lot of cherries is not always an option, so the best idea is to take Black Cherry capsules which you can get from Amazon or www.iherb.com 

Uric Acid Control is a great formula if your gout is caused by high levels of uric acid, it is available from Amazon or www.iherb.com

To get a customized plan to help identify the cause and treat the symptoms of gout the best option is to schedule a consultation with Planet Naturopath and we can help you get your gout and overall health back on track.

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