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SIBO Summit

What is SIBO

SIBO is a condition that a lot of people still have not heard about despite a lot of research going on into this condition, and the SIBO Summit aims to change that with over 40 speakers talking about all aspects of SIBO.

SIBO stands for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth and is the main cause of IBS.

I’m sure you’ve heard of IBS, but not many people have heard about SIBO? If you get diagnosed with IBS by your doctor you are often told that you have just got to put up with it, or you are prescribed a medication to help cope with the symptoms, but SIBO could be the underlying cause.

The most common SIBO symptoms are IBS and bloating, and there are many other complications such as leaky gut, candida overgrowth and many other symptoms like hormone imbalance that are not seemingly connected to the gut, this makes it difficult to diagnose SIBO without proper testing.

There’s someone I’d love for you to meet—her name is Shivan Sarna and she has an incredible story of dealing with SIBO while being a TV host for one of the top ten networks in the U.S.

Like many of the millions of SIBO patients, Shivan didn’t know that she had SIBO for many years.

So Shivan decided to clear up the confusion and provide a place where SIBO patients and doctors, nutritionists, and wellness practitioners could learn how to improve SIBO.

This past summer, the SIBO SOS™ Summit brought together over 40 SIBO experts and patients and had over 100,000 views.

Even though this was the most extensive SIBO conference ever, there is still so much more to share...

That’s why Shivan is hosting a second SIBO Summit this October with more interviews, treatment options, and recommendations.

The SIBO Summit is over now but if you are looking for a course to guide you through your SIBO treatment I recommend the SIBO Success Plan

SIBO Summit Guests and Topics:

  • Dr. Allison Siebecker, Shivan Sarna, and Kristy Regan—Delicious Nutrient Rich Foods to Eat Even When You Have SIBO
  • Susanne Breen—When a SIBO Patient is Also a SIBO Doctor: The Obstacles and Strategies That Work For Her and Her Patients.
  • Dr. Megan Taylor: Been There, Done That! Help For Patients From a Doctor With Chronic SIBO
  • Dr. Norm Robillard—Choosing Diet Over Drugs
  • Angela Privin—How a Gut Health Coach Cured Herself of IBS After One Year of Paleo Done Right
  • Whitney Hayes—The Art and Science of SIBO Treatment
  • Jason Wysocki—The Importance of Neurology on GI Health and SIBO

The Symptoms of SIBO

While the symptoms of SIBO are varied and many because of the damage it does to the small intestine, and because of this damage SIBO can cause many widespread health issues.

If you are experiencing some of these symptoms you should check out SIBO as a possible cause

  1. Digestion issues like bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea (or a combination of both), acid reflux or digestion pain
  2. Mood changes like depression and anxiety, the imbalance of bacteria that SIBO causes can be a major cause of mood changes
  3. Chronic pain and inflammation can be caused by endotoxins in the gut being released into the bloodstream because of leaky gut caused by SIBO
  4. Hormonal problems like PMS, menopause symptoms and other hormone imbalances can be caused by SIBO affecting your ability to detoxify hormones.

Find Out About The SIBO Success Plan

SIBO Testing

I recommend testing for SIBO first before starting a treatment plan as your symptoms may also be caused by Helicobacter pylori, candida or large intestinal bacteria issues.

If you have digestion problems the perfect combination of tests to do is the following

  • GI Map Stool Test - this is the best option for measuring intestinal health problems, parasites, candida and bacteria overgrowth in the large intestine. The GI Map test also is the most sensitive test for H.pylori and also will measure the virulence factors.
  • SIBO Breath Test - there are two options, either the glucose breath test or the lactulose breath test and for most people I recommend the lactulose test

These test can be ordered at the Planet Naturopath Tests Page

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