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The Heart Revolution Summit

Are you at Risk for Heart Disease?

For the past few months my mum has been experiencing symptoms of breathlessness, after having multiple tests it was finally diagnosed that she had severely blocked arteries, and the next day she was booked in for surgery.

It all happened so quickly, my mum went from thinking that she may require a minor operation, or a medication to help with the symptoms, to having a triple bypass and the months of recovery that is required afterwards.

In many ways she was lucky, she could easily have had a heartattack with a lot more severe consequences, but with the advances in modern medicine once she recovers she could be feeling better than she has in a couple of years.

Statins and Low Fat is Not The Answer

My mum had been on statins for years (she is a nurse from the era where you don’t question the doctor) and has diligently eaten a low fat diet for many years, because we have been told to avoid fats so it does not “clog up our arteries” yet she still has heart disease.

Science shows us that this information about fat causing heartdisease is not true and overly simplistic!

Heart disease is preventable! Diet and lifestyle are important for preventing heart disease, yet a lot of the information that we have been told over the years is wrong, based on theories and not science, and heavily influenced by the pharmaceutical companies desire to sell more medications.

The Heart Revolution Online Summit

From the 25th of February to the 5th of March there is going to be a free online event showing you how to prevent and treat heart disease, it’s called The Heart Revolution. With over 60 doctors, naturopaths and researchers sharing the latest research on diet, genetics, lifestyle, environment and nutrition to optimize your cardiovascular health.

You can register for The Revolution for free here  

With heart disease affecting so many people, most of us know someone close to us who has experienced a heart attack, stroke, or required major surgery to reduce their risk.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in Western countries, and many more people have reduced quality of life after experiencing heart attacks and strokes.

You can pick and choose which speakers you listen to, some of the talks that I am most interested in hearing are:

  • Ben Lynch talk about the effects of MTHFR and genetics has on heart disease
  • Dr Joel Kahn talks about reversing arteriosclerosis
  • Dr Steven Masley’s talk about eating more fat to reverse heartdisease
  • Dr Thomas Cowan whose book Human Heart Cosmic Hearthelped me understand how the heart really works (it’s not simply a pump)This event is for anyone who has a family history of heart disease, or you are already on medications and you would like to find out the best diet and nutrition options to help you.

    Register for the event here 

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