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It is well documented that contemporary Western diets typically cause a mild, yet significant, state of metabolic acidosis. In comparison, our pre-agricultural ancestors ate a net alkalising diet as their acidifying protein intake was balanced with an increased consumption of alkalising fruits and vegetables. Their diets also did not contain significant quantities of acid-forming grain-based foods. It is primarily today’s high reliance on cereal grains, and low fruit and vegetable intake, which tips many of our patients into a state of chronic metabolic acidosis.

Metabolic acidosis causes many adverse physiological effects and, in an attempt to buffer the excess hydrogen ions, the body will leech alkalising calcium and magnesium cations from bone reserves. Prolonged metabolic acidosis will also cause lean muscle to be broken down to liberate sufficient glutamine to allow excess hydrogen ions to be safely excreted via the urine. Over time, this can contribute to various chronic disease states, including osteoporosis, sarcopenia, kidney stone formation and kidney damage.

Since metabolic acidosis can have such a detrimental effect on health, you need to be able to easily and effectively assess your physiological pH. Measuring urinary pH is a convenient, accurate and revealing way to assess the body’s acid-alkaline balance, giving you an insight into the impact of diet, stress and metabolism on overall health and can be easily done with pH test strips.

Fatigue, Stress and the Acid Connection

Acid build up in tissues is a common result of compromised energy production in people on a Western Diet, which, if not efficiently cleared from tissues, can further impair energy production, activate local pain receptors, and promote lean muscle catabolism. Tissue acidity in itself promotes an endocrine stress response, which in turn reduces growth and repair, impairs thyroid function and increases circulating cortisol levels. Magnesium Alkalising Combination for Stress is an ideal formula to use for acidic stressed patients as it contains magnesium, taurine and glutamine to help to regulate excessive neuronal activity, combined with potassium citrate to buffer excessive tissue acidity.

Alkalisation for Better Toxin Excretion

Renal excretion of weak acids and toxins is greatly enhanced by urinary alkalisation, due to “ion trapping” and reduced toxin reabsorption in the kidney tubules.

Detoxification can be strongly accelerated with supplemental potassium citrate, which rapidly achieves urinary pH shifts to enhance detoxification immediately. Detox Greens is a comprehensive detoxification formula that promotes both gut repair and heavy metal detoxification, with the inclusion of potassium citrate to boost the average pH of urine from the acidic range into the normal range.

Fat Loss Slows Down In Over Acidity

Production of all acids in the body influences overall acid-alkaline balance, including lactic acid, keto acids and others. For patients on ketogenic diets, we need to take this into account, as declining blood pH from keto-acid production may interfere with fat burning. Essentially, in acidic patients, the body suppresses lipolysis to reduce keto acid production. Studies show that alkalising strategies allows keto-acid production to resume, indicating that high levels of fat burning only occurs at optimal physiological pH.6 In patients who are having difficulty achieving and maintaining ketosis despite following the KetoSlim program exactly, consider alkalising with Magnesium Alkalising Combination for Stress , which contains potassium citrate as an efficient alkalising agent.

Get Wise and Alkalise!

If you suspect that metabolic acidosis may be affecting your health, consider using our pH Test Strips to evaluate your physiological pH. My alkalising diet and alkalising mineral supplements can then help you get back on track today! Email me at to find out how you can get your pH test strips and what diet and supplements you should use to alkalise your body

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