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The 7 Secrets Behind the World’s Most Advanced Coaching Program

This is a guest post from Alex Fergus who is one of the world’s elite health coaches. I have been working with Alex for the last two years providing detailed functional pathology testing for his clients, and seeing first hand the transformation in their health that he is able to help them achieve.

While his Executive Coaching Program is not for everyone, I think everyone can learn a few things from this article so that you can help transform your health in 2017, and if you think this is right for you maybe you will get to work with Alex this year . Over to you Alex!

What does it take to invoke change? Will power? Inspiration? Education? Support?

Having changed the health of countless individuals over the past 7 years, I have figured out what you need to bring about change. Especially change in your health.

My name is Alex Fergus and I change people!  I am a health coach and I help executives from around the world look and feel amazing. Working with overstressed, overworked and overweight clients for nearly a decade has enabled me to develop the world’s most advanced health coaching program.

Those that have been through this program have not only lost massive amounts of weight. They also improve their health, energy and cognitive function, while walking away with a new mindset around health and wellness. One client even told me that signing up ‘was the best health decision he ever made’.

What are the secrets behind the success of my online health coaching program? I’m going to reveal the 7 key pillars of health & wellness improvement below.

1. Ongoing Monitoring & Feedback – You Cannot Improve What You Do Not Measure

If you were to disable your speedometer in your car, what do you think would happen? No doubt you would receive a few speeding tickets during your travels. Or you get honked at around town for driving to slow. Worst, you would have a horrible accident for driving too fast around a corner.

What about if you removed your fuel gauge? The chances of running out of gas in the middle of nowhere would increase right?

Now imagine you were learning to drive for the first time. But this time you’re learning on your own – no driving instructor beside you. No one to watch your actions and provide the necessary feedback to help you improve your skills.

The ability to track your progress and receive feedback on key metrics is critical for safe driving. The same can be said about health.

A key secret to your success is my daily monitoring of your diet, your sleep, your movement and your stress. Using diet tracking tools like Hey Coach, fitness wearables and biofeedback I – as a coach – can monitor my clients no matter where you are in the world. And not only can I monitor you, I can provide near instantaneous feedback. If a you had too many carbs in a meal, I can let you know. If you are sitting for prolonged periods in a day, I can remind you to get up and move. If your body temperature is falling, I can tell you to back off on training and increase your carb intake.

With the power of technology, I can watch over your shoulder and offer feedback and guidance when necessary. I am the driving instructor in the passengers seat.

2. Test Don’t Guess – Figure Out What Is Going On

Finding out what you are working with is critical when it comes to making successful change. At the beginning of my coaching program, all clients undergo extensive blood, hormonal and stool tests. The reasoning is simple – I want to find out what I am working with so I can develop a protocol suited to your individual needs.

Maybe you have a parasite, maybe you have excess iron levels, maybe you have severe gut dysbiosis. Finding out these things early on minimize time wasting and increase the chances for success.

Let’s say someone has terrible sleep – sure you could change their light cycles, tweak their diet or supplements, or put in place some destressing exercises before bed. But what if these things don’t work? What if 6 months down the track they discover that they have a parasite that is known to disrupt sleep. Wouldn’t it be better to know this from day one and implement the necessary changes immediately? Don’t waste time or money or potentially do further damage to your health – test, don’t guess.

3. Support & Engagement – Attention You Deserve

If dieting and health was a simple as ‘sticking with it’ you wouldn’t be reading this. Consistency and adherence is difficult when relying on willpower. Why is this? Research has shown that will power is a limited resource. It fatigues like a muscle with ongoing use. That explains why you can skip the muffin at 9am but cave in at 3pm. As the day goes on you ‘fatigue’ that will power ‘muscle’

It is very easy for an online health coach to simply send their client a diet and training program with the one liner ‘let me know if you have any questions.’

If it were this easy to create health changes I would write a book that explains all my protocols and refer people to that. But this doesn’t work. The secret behind my clients continuous success is the ongoing support I provide. I limit my client intake to ensure you get the attention that you deserve. I hold you accountable every single day. If I notice your sleep data hasn’t come through, or you’re not logging your meals, or you haven’t performed a task that you said you would, then I’ll be reaching out to see if everything’s ok. If something’s wrong then I will provide the necessary support and guidance. I do this on a daily basis. Whether you are in the world.

And remember this is a two way street – you can reach out to me for advice, guidance and encouragement whenever you need it.

4. Motivation – Multiple Layers

It’s going to happen – your motivation is going to drop off at some point in a health improvement program. Willpower slumps. Results plateau. Temptations appear. How do I ensure high levels of motivation on my 12 month program? 3 things – commitment contracts, gamification and education.

Education is critical for ongoing change. I’ll cover this in more detail below but in a nutshell explaining the reasoning behind the ‘what’ is extremely empowering.

I also ‘gamify’ my coaching program. What do I mean by this? Simple, I score you based on your adherence to the program – your effort as such. I award you points based on the quality of your meals, your sleep, your movement and even if they have done their weekly homework task (more on this below). Then, every week I send out a score chart to all my clients. No one likes being last. And being last is a powerful motivator to increase your effort next week!

Finally, all my clients register with – this allows you to setup a contract for the duration of my coaching program. I am the referee and the weekly goal is to score a certain amount of points (i.e. eat well, sleep well, move, read etc). If you fail to achieve this target, then an amount of your choosing goes to an ‘anti-charity’. This could be a political party you despise. Or your rival sports team. No one likes losing money, but I have found that giving money to an organisation you detest is rather motivating!

5. Education – Teach a Man to Fish

Teach a man to fish proverb

“Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.”

My goal is to educate you so that at the end of the coaching program you have all the tools, experience and wisdom to continue looking and feeling amazing.

With my coaching program I help develop new mindsets around food, training and heath. I educate, explain and use real life practical examples. I help you create your own healthy habits, giving you reason for change rather than simply telling you what to change. This is why my program has lasting results.

Sure I could simply lay out my protocols, telling you what to eat and when to sleep – never explaining the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’. But by taking the time to explain the reasoning behind my protocols you are more likely to make better decisions and also want to make better health decisions.

There are many ways to provide supportive education, but I find that small ‘bite size’ topics delivered in weekly doses works best. Overwhelm someone with too much content too fast and it will simply go in one ear and out the other. Making the content succinct and relevant to the program allows the client discover first hand the ‘why’ behind the what.

6. Time – Small Changes Over A Long Time

Over the years I have experimented with various lengths of my coaching program. I found that the longer the program the more likely the client is to continue living their new ‘healthy’ lifestyle and reach the results that they truly desire.

Many of the online programs you see are quick fixes that don’t provide lasting results. In turn the client will bounce from one ’12 week challenge’ to the next. Yo-yo dieting. Always looking for the next quick fix or fad diet.

By stretching my program out to 12 months you have the time to ingrain new habits whilst also addressing health problems at their root. This in contrast to the quick fix bandaid approach that many short term coaching programs go for. Not only this, but the protocols I utilise can be structured in a way that will maximise results. If you have some serious gut issues, then we can take the time to correct these before introducing intense exercise for example.

Finally, a 12 month duration allows you to make small changes to your lifestyle. There is no need to cram a year’s worth of change into a  few weeks. I think back to my own personal health journey. It took place over YEARS. I didn’t simply read a book and next week overhaul my diet, my sleep, my training and my health mindset – and I’m a ‘Health nut’ – so I can’t expect clients who don’t have the same passion for health to overhaul their life in the space of a few weeks either.

7. Protocols- A Program That Works

The final secret to the success behind the world’s most advanced health coaching program is simple – you need to use protocols that WORK! It’s all good and well to have the best monitoring tools, the best support systems along with all the time in the world, but if the protocols used in the program don’t actually bring about results then you will never have success reaching your goals.

My coaching program using proven diet, training, sleep and lifestyle protocols to ensure your success. I have worked with clients with varying health backgrounds and continue to produce outstanding results

The protocols I utilise in my program focus on improving one’s HEALTH. A healthy body is energised, is lean, is stress resilient, performs well and will look amazing. Not only this, but I call on the support of highly experienced functional medicine doctors and naturopaths to ensure we have a diverse team of experts online to assist with your progress. By focusing on improving one’s health everything else falls into place and you have long lasting results.

Too often trainers focus on the short term results – losing 10kgs over 12 weeks at the expense of sleep, stress and health. The end result is a client who rebounds and ends up in a worst state than they started with.

By taking the bigger picture, longer term view, I can help clients look and feel amazing!

Executive Health Coaching Program

So that’s it. The secret to my clients success is out. If you are serious about making health changes and have considered using a health coach before, crosscheck their program with the 7 points I outlined above. If they don’t utilise these 7 ‘pillars of success’ in their protocol then look elsewhere.

If you would like to learn more about my own coaching program please contact me or click on THIS link to learn more. I only run two intakes per year and I am very selective with who I work with, so please do not be disheartened if I cannot help you.

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