Eating slowly

5 Reasons To Eat Slowly

A Reminder To Eat Slowly

Many people rush through the day, with no time for the simple act of sitting and eating

…. and eating slowly is something we know that we should do, but often don’t.

When they have time to get a bite to eat, they gobble it down often without even thinking about what they have just eaten.

Often this is done in front of a TV, computer or some type of screen.

That leads to stressful, unhealthy living.

Here are some reasons you should consider the simple act of eating slower:

1 – Lose weight. A growing number of studies confirm that just by eating slower, you’ll consume fewer calories — in fact, enough to lose 20 pounds a year without doing anything different or eating anything different.

It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to register that you’re full. If you eat fast, you can continue eating past the point where you’re actually full.

2 – Enjoy your food. It’s hard to enjoy your food if it goes by too quickly. Make your meals a gastronomic pleasure, not a thing you do rushed, between stressful events.

When you are eating then focus on the act of eating.

My favorite Buddhist author Thich Nhat Hanh describes this beautifully in his book “The miracle of mindfulness”

3 – Better digestion. If you eat slower, you’ll chew your food better, which leads to better digestion.

Digestion actually starts in the mouth, so the more work you do up there, the less you’ll have to do in your stomach.

4 – Less stress. Eating slowly, and paying attention to our eating, can be a great form of mindfulness exercise.

Be in the moment, rather than rushing through a meal thinking about what you need to do next. If you are too busy to meditate make eating your meditation

5 – Rebel against fast food and fast life. A hectic, fast-paced, stressful, chaotic lives — the Fast Life — leads to eating Fast Food, and eating it quickly.

Rebel against that entire lifestyle and philosophy with the small act of eating slower and eating fresh food.

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