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Real Meals – Stress Free Meal Planning

How to successfully implement health changes

It is almost 2018 when I am writing this, which is the time of year that many people decide to focus on improving their health and fitness, and while this is a great thing to do the research shows that many people will be unsuccessful.

There are so many great fitness and health programs out there, lots of great free information on the internet so a failure to succeed with your health goals is not usually for a lack of information. In fact too much information can lead to overwhelm and jumping from one quick fix to another, rather than focusing on the right things.

Lack of success often comes down to focusing on the wrong things, or getting too overwhelmed by what to do, and this is where a consultation with Planet Naturopath can help you work out the best plan for you.

This includes helping you to understand the best diet to follow (and as your health changes this will change), identify any underlying digestion or hormonal imbalances, and help you get on the right track to good health.

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What is the optimal diet for you?

Whether it is general health, weight loss or you have chronic health issues that need to be addressed, the first thing to start with is focusing on the optimal diet for you.

So what is the optimal diet?

Well that is going to vary from person to person depending on your current health and your long term health goals. For some people this maybe a paleo diet,  or for weight loss or brain health it maybe a Keto diet, for others it maybe the GAPS diet, or if you have an autoimmune condition then maybe the autoimmune paleo diet, and for other people they may want to trial a vegetarian diet.

The diet that you follow in January, for example The Whole 30 diet may not be the best diet to follow long term, so the next month you will need to make some modifications and plan the introduction of new foods.

With so many different diet options available that can help you make some dramatic changes to your health the hard part is to know which diet to follow, and more importantly what to eat.

A diet plan with easy to cook and more importantly delicious tasting food is going to make changing your diet to optimize your health so much easier.

Real plans for gluten free

Kids with allergies or family members with restrictive diets – Real Plans makes it easy

Introducing Real Plans – The ultimate meal planning service

Planning meals for clients is very time consuming and something that I am unable to do for every client, and until now I have not found a meal planning service that catered to all of the different diet plans that my clients may need.

Real Plans do all of this and more!

Whether you need to follow a paleo, GAPS, Keto, whole 30, autoimmune paleo diet, or just simple a good real food diet it is easy to do with Real Plans.

You can customize it to suit your exact needs, whether you need every meal planned out for you, or just breakfast and dinners, you can stick to the plan 6 nights a week and have a night where you eat out on the town.

If you have food allergies you can include recipes that eliminate gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts or whatever ingredient that you need to eliminate.

Find out more about Real Plans Here 

Real Plans includes 100’s of recipes

Real Plans includes 100’s of recipes from contributors such as Whole 30, Nom Nom Paleo, Fed and Fit, Nourished Kitchen and many more Plus you can import any recipe from the internet into your weekly meal plan.

The plan will change with the seasons and take into account what foods are in season, you can customize the planner to the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, and the recipes can be in metric or imperial.

It’s always a challenge if your doing a restricted diet or have a guest coming for a fancy dinner who has allergies, but with Real Plans they provide special occasion meal options, this can take the stress out of preparing meals with restricted ingredients.

If you are home late every Wednesday you can set the planner so that every Wednesday you have a slow cooker meal, that way you come home to a hot meal ready to go. If you like roast chicken every Sunday night you can simply just add that to the plan.

Real Plans shopping list

It is easy to customize your weekly meal plan on your computer, phone or tablet, and another great option to make your weekly meal planning and shopping so much easier is the shopping list that it creates.

Plan your meal on the computer and the shopping list will automatically be generated and will appear on your phone, so you can easily check things off as you walk around the supermarket adding them to the cart.

The Next Step

I am so impressed with how easy it is to use Real Plans, and that it is going to make it so much easier to implement any diet plan to help you get your health on track.

Real Plans do offer a 100% money back guarantee, so if you are not happy they will refund you.

I am going to go one step further and offer anyone who schedules a One Hour Consultation with Planet Naturopath a Free 3 month subscription to Real Plans!

This offer is available until January 15 2018, simply schedule your consultation and I will organize a free Real Plans account for you valued at $33 for 3 months.

That way not only do you get the Real Plans meal planning for 3 months, you also get a personalized consultation to help you understand the best diet for you to reach your health goals.

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