Paleo Banana Choc Chip Cookies (3 proven reasons to feed your kids)

paleo banana choc chip cookes

My daughter Selkie cooking up a storm!

These Paleo Banana Choc Chip Cookies are fun to make and more importantly delicious to eat 🙂

While cookies are not healthy food or a superfood that you do want to consume in large quantities, they can definitely be a great treat for school lunches, and even “big kids” like treats too.

The problem is that all commercially produced cookies and biscuits are full of poor quality ingredients like industrial seed oils, artificial flavors, and preservatives …. so the only option, if you want something tasty and healthy, is to make your own.

Why Homemade Cookies Are Better

  1. No Processed Oils – Kids have had treats for years but they have been made with real ingredients and were not made to sit on a supermarket shelf for months, here is a good article from Chris Kresser explaining the problems with industrially processed seed oils
  2. Real Sugar – It is not sugar that is the problem when kids go hyper, but usually the artificial colors and flavors. Making these homemade paleo banana choc chip cookies means you are only using real ingredients.
  3.  Contains good fats and protein – this means they will be more filling and help to keep blood sugar levels stable, more filling means that just one or two cookies will be enough so they don’t eat too many.

There are probably a thousand versions of Banana Choc Chip Cookies and this is one that my daughter Selkie and I made up. It is very easy to make and easily adjustable depending on what ingredients you have in the cupboard.

Paleo Banana Choc Chip Cookies Recipe


3  Ripe banana’s
3  Eggs
3 cups of Almond meal or LSA (LSA is cheaper)
1 cup of shredded coconut
1/3 of a cup of coconut oil or butter melted
1/4 tspn of cinnamon
1 tspn of vanilla essence
1 tspn of baking powder
Some Cacoa nibs or dark chocolate chips to keep the kids happy
Mix all the dry ingredients in one bowl and in the other mash the banana then add the eggs, vanilla, and coconut oil.
Mix the ingredients from the banana bowl to the dry ingredients and combine until well mixed.
Spoon out onto a cookie tray and bake at 170C for 20 minutes or until golden brown.
All of these ingredients are available at your local health food store or even supermarket.

About the Author Michael

Michael is head consultant at Planet Naturopath - Functional Medicine and Nutrition Solutions. He is a registered naturopath with the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA) and works with clients from all over the world via video or phone consultations. He is a degree qualified naturopath from the Endeavour College of Natural Medicine in Australia with 18 years of experience. He uses advanced testing methods, nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, and lifestyle advice to help you stay healthy. He is a Kalish Method-trained practitioner that keeps updating his education with Chris Kresser. Michael completed Dr. Terry Wahls practitioner training program, a 12-month program with ongoing training that helps understand the underlying cause and treatment of MS and autoimmune conditions. He keeps up to date with the latest research into health and natural medicine through the Metabolic Fitness Pro course with Dr. Bryan Walsh.

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