Healthy Aging – 7 Tips To Stay Young!


How old are you? How old do you feel? Healthy aging – is it even possible?

When birthdays aren’t anything to celebrate anymore it may be an indicator that you are feeling old. At least until you reach the ripe old age of 100. Then you start bragging about your age. If you’re coming down with a bad case of Age Anxiety, here’s some good news. Seventy-five percent of human aging can be self-regulated. But what exactly does one regulate? Granted, heredity plays a key role. But at least six lifestyle factors also regulate aging.

  1. Genetic Inheritance is a major factor in determining one’s aging potential. Family case histories confirm that individuals inherit a predisposition to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and osteoporosis. The key word here is “predispose”. Heredity only increases one’s odds, and preventive health measures reduce those odds. There are certain dietary, lifestyles and nutritional products that can dramatically decrease the odds of developing diseases and a program can be developed to suit each individual.
  2. Physical Activity is an equally important age-regulator. Aerobic exercise maintains the cardiovascular system, strengthens muscles and bones, and enhances coordination. Exercise lays the foundation for an active lifestyle. In fact, many of the common aches and pains attributed to “aging” are the result of inactivity.
  3. Mental Stimulation keeps the mind alert, aids in problem-solving, and improves learning skills. So be sure to exercise your mind by enrolling in a course, learning another language, reading a good book, solving a crossword puzzle, or engaging in a stimulating debate or lively discussion. If your mind is not what it once was it maybe the result of certain long term nutritional deficiencies which can be rectified with correct nutritional supplementation.
  4. Dietary Habits are one of the best ways to combat premature aging and ward-off disease. If you feel tired, run-down, or just plain unenthusiastic, you’re not alone. Many adults feel that way because of faulty dietary habits. Food is energy. Get what you need. Don’t skip meals. Learn about healthy diets, vitamins, and minerals. If you are unsure of what type of diet you should be following then I can organise a program to suit your needs so that you can function at your best.
  5. A Meaningful Life, sometimes called a sense of purpose, can inspire you to get up, dressed, and out each day. Setting goals and pursuing them is a great way to keep a focus on, and interest in, the world around you. That focus helps keep the boredom of retirement at bay. Productive outlets raise self-esteem and reduce irritability.
  6. Preventive Healthcare is a great age-regulator. Be sure to get regular check-ups in order to catch problems early-on. Don’t just assume that any ache, pain, or medical problem is the result of aging. Diet requirements change as we age, to find out if your diet is ideal for you or to help make improvements to your current diet contact me to have a health assessment. Not all nutritional products are made equal; some are poorly absorbed by the body whilst some people are taking minerals that their body may not need whilst they are missing out on others that they do need. During a health assessment we can advise you on what supplements your body may need and recommend the best quality products that your body will easily absorb.

About the Author Michael

Michael is head consultant at Planet Naturopath - Functional Medicine and Nutrition Solutions. He is a registered naturopath with the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA) and works with clients from all over the world via video or phone consultations. He is a degree qualified naturopath from the Endeavour College of Natural Medicine in Australia with 18 years of experience. He uses advanced testing methods, nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, and lifestyle advice to help you stay healthy. He is a Kalish Method-trained practitioner that keeps updating his education with Chris Kresser. Michael completed Dr. Terry Wahls practitioner training program, a 12-month program with ongoing training that helps understand the underlying cause and treatment of MS and autoimmune conditions. He keeps up to date with the latest research into health and natural medicine through the Metabolic Fitness Pro course with Dr. Bryan Walsh.

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