Is There Any Difference Between G. I Map And Viome Tests?

If you want to check your digestive health, you will have to undergo several tests. The two most popular cutting-edge tests to asses your microbiome and optimize your gut health are G. I Map and Viome tests. 

At first glance, these two tests seem to be the same. Therefore, you may get confused about which test you need and whether you need them both.In this article, I will highlight when, why and who should go for G.I Map test and Viome test, and what’s the difference between these tests.

G. I Map Is For Diagnosis Of Digestive Disorders


G.I Map Test provides DNA analysis of your gut microbiome from a single stool sample. It is required if you have specific symptoms of digestive disorders such as small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

G. I Map stool test helps the doctor:

  • Identify the causes of your digestive problems and other health conditions
  • Make the right diagnosis
  • Find a solution that will help relieve bothersome symptoms and fight the disorder

In other words, the detailed results of G.I Map test enable your doctor to come up with an effective plan of actions to deal with your health issues.

Common Cases when G.I Map Stool Test is a Must


In some situations G.I Map a stool test is an indispensable tool to detect the reason of your health issue and make the right diagnosis when your symptoms are vague or common.

These are 3 examples when G. I Map is of great help:

If you have IBS symptoms like constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas or reflux, G.I Map Test should be the number one test to identify the underlying cause.

If you have a chronic inflammatory or an autoimmune condition, it can help to identify the bacteria that can be the underlying trigger.

If you suffer from common symptoms of H. pylori infection such as abdominal pain, nausea and bloating, G.I Map test should be done.

What G. I Map Test Measures

G. I Map test asses normal flora, opportunistic organisms, and GI pathogens.  It also examines the following markers of GI health :

  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Inflammation
  • Parasites
  • Fungi
  • Pancreatic and immune function
  • Occult blood 
  • Zonulin
  • Secretory IgA
  • Anti-gliadin Ig​​​​​A
  • Fat abso​rption
  • B-glucuronidase

Additional advantages of G. I Map test:

  • It detects antibiotic resistance genes
  • It detects the occurrence of H. pylori and virulence factors

Key Takeaway

If your gut is out of whack, G.I Map test is what you need to delve into what is happening inside your gut. It accurately measures bacteria, parasites, viruses and many more, uncovering the hidden causes of your digestive issues. This test eliminates all the guesswork and determines SIBO, IBS, gastroenteritis, H.pylori infection and other notoriously famous digestive disorders. G.I Map is a key to the right diagnosis.

Viome Stool Test is to Boost Your Health Levels


Unlike G.I Map test, Viome test gives a good overview of your microbiome rather than identifying specific bacteria, parasite or candida infections. This is a good test for someone who has already improved their digestive health and now wants to focus on the best way to optimize overall health.

The Viome stool test measures all the active microorganisms, that inhabit your gut and identify whether they produce nutrients or toxins.

With the help of artificial intelligence, it gives detailed recommendations on the best foods for you to eat, foods you should eat in moderation or eliminate from the diet.

Advantages of Viome Technologies

While for somebody specific foods can be beneficial, for you they can have an absolutely different effect. The Viome test with its metatranscriptomic technology can tell you:

  • If you cannot digest the amount of protein you are consuming
  • If you are eating too much iron (which promotes the growth of potential pathogens)
  • If your microbiome cannot process some nutrients
  • If you are eating some foods that aren’t as healthy for you as you think and may contain potentially harmful components

Viome App and Recommendations

By logging into your Viome app, you can browse you personalized recommendations on what food to eat to maintain optimal blood sugar levels, support a healthy appetite, avoid dysbiosis and keep the lining of your gut healthy. Each food in your list will have the recommended serving size.

Also, you will have a personalized list with foods to avoid and alternatives you can eat instead.

Key​​​​ Takeaway

If you want to optimize your overall health, Viome test is what you need. Unlike G.I MAp test, this test is not for diagnosis of severe digestive issues. This is an AI-based solution that examines your stool sample to provide you with clear recommendations on foods to enjoy and avoid. You can do multiple tests over time and track the changes in your microbiome. Following Viome diet you’ll manage to support the function of your gut microbiome and stay healthy.

What is Common between G. I Map and Viome tests?


Both tests can be done in the comfort of your home. You don't have to schedule an appointment and go to the lab.  You will receive a kit with simple and clear instructions. All you will have to do is to collect your sample and send it to the lab. When the results of G. I Map test are ready, you can download or print them for the consultation with your doctor.

As for the Viome test, you can track the process with ease by logging into your Viome account. 

Note: Make sure to complete all the questionnaires in your Viome account in order to get your results and recommendations without delays. 

Bottom Line

G. I Map Stool Test

Resort to G. I Map stool test if you have digestive problem and want to determine its underlying cause.

◘ It detects H.pylori, virulence factors, and all the pathogenic microorganisms.

◘ It determines the underlying causes of chronic and autoimmune conditions.

◘ It measures Antibiotic Resistance Genes.

With G.I Map test you don’t get any recommendations on foods you should eat and avoid.

◘ It utilizes PCR technology.

◘ G. I Map test is an at-home DNA test.

Viome Stool Test

Get Viome test if you want to optimize your overall health with the help of a well-balanced diet.

◘ It is a good test to determine the microorganisms of your microbiome, including viruses. However, this is not the right test for assessing H.pylori infection.

◘This test won't uncover the root causes of chronic and autoimmune conditions.

◘ It doesn't measures Antibiotic Resistance Genes.

◘ You will get personalized recommendations on foods to consume (with serving size for your body needs) and foods to avoid.

◘ It utilizes metatranscriptomic sequencing technology and artificial intelligence.

◘  Viome test is an at-home DNA test.

If you have additional questions on G. I Map and Viome tests, don't hesitate to contact for a consultation today!

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