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Best way to test hormones for men and women

The Best Way To Test Your Hormones (hint-it depends on which hormones you are testing)

Blood, Urine or Saliva Testing for Hormones The best way to test your hormones is going to depend on which hormones you want to get tested, and unfortunately there is not one perfect test that does “everything”! So if you have the many different symptoms of hormone imbalance then this guide to hormone testing will […]

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Pregnancy and Motherhood Summit

Pregnancy and Motherhood Summit (optimal health for mother and baby)

Are you are planning on ever having a baby, are currently pregnant or even have recently had a baby? If this is you then the Pregnancy and Motherhood Summit is going to give you all of the cutting edge information that you need to prepare for a healthy pregnancy and birth. I wish I knew […]

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Gut bacteria and your hormones

How Gut Bacteria Affects Your Hormones (2 tests to identify the cause)

We have all heard that a healthy gut is the secret to good health. One of the reasons that gut health is so important is because of the influence of gut bacteria on our hormones. Gut bacteria and your hormones are closely connected, an imbalance in your gut bacteria, known as the microbiome can affect […]

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Low Testosterone

Low Testosterone and EMF’s …. is there a connection?

Low Testosterone and EMF’s …. is there a connection?Low testosterone levels in men can have many different reasons, there is not usually just one cause. Over the last 30 years, testosterone levels have been dropping at the same time as EMF levels in the environment have been rising, what is the connection between low testosterone and […]

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Hormones are affected by gut bacteria

DUTCH Hormone Test Review

The DUTCH Hormone Test Review – Organic Acid Markers This DUTCH hormone test review has just been updated as of the January 2018 to include some exciting new markers that have been added to the DUTCH hormone test. The new markers to be included on the DUTCH hormone test are Organic Acid markers to assess […]

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High Estrogen in Men : Treat the Cause

Causes and Treatments Of High Estrogen In Men

The Balance Between Estrogen and Testosterone in MenA lot of people associate estrogen as being a “female” hormone and testosterone as being a “male” hormone, but both estrogen and testosterone are essential for optimal health in men and women. The key to all hormones is having them in the right balance, and high estrogen in […]

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how gut bacteria affects your hormones

The Causes Of High Estrogen – and how to fix it

What causes high estrogen There are a number of supplements out there that can effectively lower your estrogen levels, but the first thing that you should try and do if you suspect that you have high estrogen is to find out what the causes of high estrogen are for you, as this will make treatment […]

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Causes of high estrogen

How To Reduce High Estrogen Levels

 Do You Have High Estrogen Levels? This article is for anyone who has high estrogen levels and wants to find out how to reduce their estrogen naturally. While there are signs and symptoms of high estrogen for men and women, the only way to really know what your hormone levels are is to do a […]

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DUTCH Hormone Test for adrenal and sex hormones

DUTCH Hormone Test – Identify the Cause of Hormone Imbalance

DUTCH Hormone Test and Cortisol Do you have low energy, brain fog, or feel that you may have adrenal fatigue? Or on the contrast, perhaps you have gained some weight, have as suppressed immune system, or just in general do not feel well. If you answered yes to these questions then the DUTCH Hormone Test […]

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