Healthy gift ideas

Top 10 tips for surviving the Christmas silly season!

Surviving and Enjoying Christmas Christmas is a joyful time, a time of anticipation and excitement for the season that follows and it is now less than a month to Christmas and all the celebrations that go with it. However, before you gleefully RSVP to all those festive invitations you need a plan to protect and […]

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Vitamin D how much do you need

The Facts About Vitamin D

The Research On Vitamin D This article gives you the facts about Vitamin D, looking at different research that shows that Vitamin D in the right dose is essential for every aspect of health. Vitamin D is one of the essential nutrients required by the human body. Unlike most vitamins, it is one that we […]

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Vitamin D is essential

Top 10 facts about Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency is common While the message to cover up and avoid excess sun has helped reduce the incidence of skin cancer, it has caused an issue with widespread vitamin D deficiency. Even if you regularly get enough sun there are certain genes that may affect your ability to absorb vitamin D from the […]

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Genetics and weight loss

The Missing Link To Weight Loss – MTHFR

As seen on Today Tonight, Adelaide GP Dr. Peter Tunbridge believes that up to half of Australia’s population (and the rest of the world) could be unknowingly carrying a genetic defect which can cause weight gain. MTHFR and weight loss, what does it mean for you? “It’s called the MTHFR gene polymorphism and the actual […]

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Zinc Deficiency – The most important trace mineral

Why we need Zinc Zinc deficiency is quite common with modern diets, and zinc is arguably the most important trace mineral. To date, researchers have found more than 200 enzyme reactions that are zinc dependant, in all the major biochemical pathways in the human body. That’s more than any other mineral dependant enzymes in the […]

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Top 10 ways to eliminate gout forever

Identify The Cause of Gout Identifying the cause of gout is the first step to addressing the underlying cause so you can eliminate gout. For some people, this is going to be genetics but just because your dad had gout it does not mean that you have to as well, it could be that you […]

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Hypoglycemia 15 Tips To Stop Blood Sugar Crashes

Hypoglycemia is the term given to low blood sugar levels – it refers to a drop in the body’s level of blood glucose to a point where cells are being deprived of vital energy. When this occurs, a message is sent to the brain asking that glucose levels be restored, and a craving for sugar […]

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Planet Naturopath

Welcome to Planet Naturopath

Welcome to Planet Naturopath where you can get all of the latest information on health, nutrition, herbal medicine, diets and healthy eating. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at and I will usually get back to you within 24 hours. I specialize in treating digestion and hormone problems, like […]

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