Calprotectin fecal test

Calprotectin Fecal Test: Everything You Need To Know

What Is Calprotectin Fecal Test? The calprotectin fecal test is a diagnostic tool used to measure the levels of calprotectin in the stool. Calprotectin is a protein found in abundance in white blood cells, particularly in neutrophils. These are the immune cells involved in the body’s response to inflammation.The test is primarily used to assess […]

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Thyroid gland disorders

Thyroid Gland Disorders: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Your thyroid glands may be small but they’re really valuable in a lot of your body’s essential functions. From metabolism to your breathing, the glands’ activities affect the way your body works.In this article, you’ll learn more about thyroid gland disorders, their common signs, and symptoms, and the best ways to treat or prevent them. […]

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Adrenal symptoms causes and treatments

Adrenal Gland Disorders: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

For some people, feeling stressed and relying on coffee to boost their energy levels are perfectly normal for them. However, when you’re constantly experiencing those things with bloating, weight gain, and lightheadedness upon getting up, you might be experiencing problems with your adrenal glands. What Are Adrenal Glands?Your adrenals are those two small glands that […]

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GI Map Test: Bacterial Pathogens and Parasites

GI Map Test – Bacterial Pathogens and Parasites

The GI Map test from Diagnostic Solutions laboratory, covers a lot of different gut health markers, but in this article we are going to focus on the GI Map pathogens and parasites section of the test. The GI Map stool test uses a single stool sample to measure the gastrointestinal microbiota with qPCR DNA technology […]

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Functional Medicine Testing in Europe and UK

Functional Medicine Testing in Europe

There are health issues that are easy to diagnose and treat. Going through a series of tests usually allows doctors to pinpoint them, make a final diagnosis, and suggest a treatment planUnfortunately, some health problems are more complicated than that. If you’ve been battling fatigue even after getting lots of sleep or chronic pain without […]

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Cyrex Array 10 Test: Measuring Food Sensitivities

Getting diagnosed with serious food allergies is no fun. You won’t get to eat all the food you want. You may even experience anxiety whenever you try something new or when you eat out.This is when the Cyrex Array 10 test may help you.If food allergies have been ruled out, but you still experience bloating, […]

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Cyrex Array 4 Test for Gluten Reactive and Celiac Disease

Cyrex Array 4 Test: Measuring Gluten Cross-Reactivity

Starting a gluten-free diet is hard, particularly when you’ve been so used to eating breads and other wheat products. And when cutting them off of your diet still results in headaches, brain fog, and digestive issues, the frustration doubles.This is when the Cyrex array 4 test can be helpful.If you have eliminated gluten from your […]

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Nutrisense CGM Monitor

Nutrisense CGM Review: Understanding Food Triggers

Continuous glucose monitors, knowns as CGM’s were originally developed to help diabetics track their blood glucose levels.The Nutrisense GGM is now available for everyone, you don’t need to have diabetes to use it, and in this article, we will focus on why a CGM monitor can be beneficial for everyone – even if it is […]

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cyrex array 2 leaky gut test

Cyrex Array 2 Test: The best test for leaky gut!

“Leaky gut” or Intestinal Permeability as it is better known in medical circles has had a lot of research over the past few years and it is connected to many different health issues.But how do you know if you have leaky gut? There are a number of tests available, but I think the best test […]

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